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Nissan Celebrates in Style at the Dubai Expo

by Claudia Harris

For decades, Nissan has been an integral part of the automotive landscape in the Middle East. The Nissan Patrol SUV is an iconic and essential part of that history, dating back to 1951. Honoring both the heritage of Nissan and ushering in the future of mobility, the landmark 70th anniversary of the Nissan Patrol had the potential for a truly epic launch.

As the official automotive partner of the Dubai World Expo 2020, and with the world’s largest 360-degree canvas at the ready, Nissan commanded the stage, tasked to create the most unique and ambitious launch event ever. The launch would also feature the reveal of the highly anticipated, all-new 2022 Pathfinder.

Nissan teamed up with GPJ and Spinifex Group to create an experience that exemplified the Nissan brand values of daring, passion and innovation. Our brief was simple: create an epic celebration that leaves guests astonished and inspired.

Our teams from Nissan, GPJ and Spinifex Group came together, representing different origins, cultures, work backgrounds, and life experiences, uniting their unique perspectives to create a truly global experience.

The Al Wasl Dome is the largest dome projection surface in the world at 130 meters in diameter, and features 252 projectors and 27 speakers for immersive 360-degree sound. Because it was a vital fixture of the World Expo, the dome was occupied 24/7, making rehearsals and testing very difficult. To combat this, the team worked around the clock. It was an immense challenge, which brought immense rewards for the 750 guests in attendance, and the virtual audience who was able to enjoy the livestream around the globe.

The event unfolded through a rich story told across three generations, and covering Nissan’s heritage story over the past 70 years, while a beautiful jewel icon wove a thread representing the past, present and future. International and regional musical performances by Joji Hirota Taiko Drummers and Nagham Debel mesmerized the audience, and Nissan Motor Corporation Chief Operating Officer, Ashwani Gupta shared Nissan’s global vision for the future.

The technical wizardry, powerful musical and visual journey, and epic proportions of the Al Wasl Dome all came together for an unforgettable sensory spectacle celebrating Nissan’s past, present and future place in the region and around the world.

Results are still coming in, but for now, the words from our client below are testament to the pride and success of a truly unforgettable experience:

“A genuine, heartfelt thank you. You have exceeded our expectations. Your commitment, energy and passion from the start was so tangible. Your professionalism, approach and proactiveness to this entire event was beyond appreciation.”


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