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Let's Play: You Decide Alexa game for kids launches in the USA

by Ramsey Marwan

December 21, 2020

Let’s Play: You Decide is the latest Alexa voice game to be released by digital agency FX Digital to the U.S. market. Zodiak Kids, part of Banijay, the studio behind popular CBeebies TV show Let’s Play, collaborated with FX Digital to turn the series into an interactive voice experience.

Let’s Play: You Decide invites children on an adventure through a series of fun, interactive and educational activities.

The Alexa application, known as a voice skill, allows users to take part in three awesome adventures voiced by Let’s Play presenters Sid and Rebecca. Alexa will transport the user to a new world where children can decide which role they want to play when they say “Alexa, Let’s Play: You Decide”. In the first free instalment, known as the “Emergency Pack”, they can step into the shoes of a Police Officer, Doctor or Firefighter and experience a day-in-the-life of these brave keyworkers.

The game encourages children to move their bodies, improve their listening skills and teaches them the importance of helping those in need. They can help Dr. Rebecca get patients back to health in the hospital and learn about the sound of a heartbeat. They can lend the Fire Department a helping hand and help Rebecca and the Chief Fire Officer put out a fire. Or maybe take on the role of a Police Officer and help Officer Sid find a lost cat.

In the US, Let’s Play: You Decide also makes use of In-Skill Purchasing, allowing parents to purchase expansion packs which contain new and exciting adventures. On launch, there will be 2 new packs available to buy, the Explorer Pack and the History Pack. The Explorer Pack gives children the chance to explore space as an Astronaut, dive deep into the ocean as a Submarine Captain or become a Jungle Explorer. In The History Pack, travel back in time as a Viking, take on a noble quest as a Medieval Knight or discover buried treasure as a Pirate.

Voice app development agency FX Digital developed this Alexa skill with the team at Zodiak Kids during the UK lockdown. Both teams worked remotely and successfully brought the project together while working from home. This included the presenters, Sidney Sloane and Rebecca Keatley, recording the audio for their parts in the game at home instead of in a studio.

Alexa voice skills have proven particularly popular with children, as they can be fun, interactive, educational and are hands-free. The lockdown brought with it a greater demand from parents for educational and fun activities for their children which Let’s Play: You Decide provides. The app is free to use in the UK and can be activated on any Alexa device or the Alexa mobile application available on iOS and Android.

Let’s Play: You Decide is now available on Amazon Alexa in the USA.

🇺🇸 - To play in the USA just click this link https://amzn.to/3nsj09T or say “Alexa, Let’s Play You Decide” to your Amazon Alexa device

🇬🇧 - To play in the UK just click this link https://amzn.to/3qX4GIN or say “Alexa, Let’s Play You Decide” to your Amazon Alexa device


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