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Pack My Bags: Creating Contiki's Alexa Voice Skill

by Ramsey Marwan

The Client

Contiki is a global travel brand that caters for 18 - 35 year olds. Looking to explore new technologies through which they could connect with their young and savvy audience, Contiki sought out FX Digital’s experienced voice skill development team to collaborate on their innovative Alexa voice experience, Pack My Bags.

The Challenge

Through research into the best performing content on Contiki’s publisher site Six-Two, their marketing department highlighted the need for utility content to enrich traveller’s experiences. This led them to the realisation that there was customer demand for assistance and advice when packing for a trip.

Interested in pursuing the burgeoning world of voice - a medium that is particularly popular with millennials, Contiki’s target market - Contiki approached FX Digital to build the voice skill.

The Solution

FX Digital developed a fun and interactive voice skill that serves the needs of Contiki’s customers, utilising voice flows that help consumers pack for Contiki’s most popular travel destinations.

Furthermore, FX Digital added a number of enhancements, including sonic branding; visual elements for use on voice devices with screens; email integration, for users to receive their completed packing lists; and a bespoke CMS to allow for new destination-specific packing lists to be added.

On November 5th 2019, Pack My Bags was unveiled at World Travel Market, the UK’s biggest travel trade show. The voice skill was heralded for its unique approach and use of cutting-edge technology.


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