Managing a Loyalty Programme relaunch for IHG

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In a significant post-lockdown rebrand and relaunch of the IHG Loyalty Programme, Freedman was selected to support the global roll-out across multiple customer touchpoints. A key challenge was maintaining the brand voice and ensuring the program landed well in all 22 intended markets. The initiative was highly confidential and required a significant and rapid scale up of multi-market resources.


The Freedman team worked directly with the IHG omnichannel teams to frame the engagement, ensuring the briefs and expectations were clear and carrying out the necessary preparations for an efficient delivery. This included arranging large scale onboarding and brand induction of over 60 linguists to ensure the campaign would be delivered seamlessly and on-time, while also adhering to brand standards across all markets.


IHG ONE REWARDS, one of IHG’s most significant brand and loyalty initiatives of the past decade, was successfully delivered in 22 markets. We localised and delivered over 100 projects, including email marketing campaigns, landing pages and app store content, across multiple customer touchpoints on time, on brand and with real style.