Potential Squared - An evolving content strategy for a changing business

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Senior business-people face constant demands on their attention

Leadership and change consultancy Potential Squared knows this well: to encourage busy organisations to in their people’s professional development, they needed to cut through a lot of noise and build relationships with key decision makers.

During the interviews we conducted with the Potential Squared team, it quickly became clear how passionate they are about their work. Active in their own development, they were also continually innovating in their products and services. Six core business principles defined their approach, among which was ‘pay it forward’.

We used these findings to develop a content strategy that would share their expert knowledge and insights for free, to reach time-pressured audiences with bite-size insights they could use immediately. And crucially, it would put the individual personalities at Potential Squared across in a way that felt real and engaging.

We built a website for the brand that functioned as a digital library for current and aspiring leaders, using social media to spark conversations around the content. Through thought-leading articles, videos and photography we created a valuable resource for new and existing clients, while presenting the distinct voices within the Potential Squared team.