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Funky Pigeon is one of the UK’s most recognised brands but increased competition, particularly from Amazon and Moonpig, meant they had to take things up a level. They challenged Found to put some real oomph into Father’s Day by creating a seriously revved up omni-channel digital performance strategy. Historically, Funky Pigeon’s Paid Media mix consisted solely of Paid Search and TV. Found knew that if they were to hit their objectives, they would need to incorporate and integrate additional awareness and consideration channels

into their existing Paid Search performance strategy. It goes without saying that basing any display activity on a last-click model will end in failure. This was a major challenge for Found, as the only way of measuring the success of upper funnel activity was through View-Through conversions in AdWords. This form of measurement was not nearly robust enough, and provided zero visibility on cross-channel uplift.


In order to overcome this challenge, Found accessed the ‘GDN Impression Beta’ in Google Analytics, allowing us to assess the value of each impression and its role in the path to conversion. This ensured bids were optimised more accurately and allowed us to take our Web of Moments approach from theory to practice. With the use of ‘GA Multi-Channel Funnels’, Found could now see where display channels were the first interaction in the conversion path, and analyse the uplift this had on search and direct.

Awareness and consideration channels were vital for achieving Funky Pigeon’s objectives. Using Google Analytics, Found identified key audience segments that had favourable behavioural metrics and high

conversion rates.

Audience profiling formed the framework for all targeting: Female iPhone users between the ages of 25 and 34, interested in movies, shopping, traveling, reading and living in London. Outside of audience analysis, Found utilised Keyword and Display Planner

extensively for a thorough keyword build across search and placement build across the GDN.


In raw performance terms, Found were challenged to deliver a year-on-year uplift in sales of 40% and improve or, at minimum, maintain

ROI and increase market share. All this with a budget of £88k – a 41% reduction from what they spent the previous year (with another agency). We were set for the challenge. Game on.

“We have been very pleased with the performance, energy and attention to detail the Found team have given us. We’ve seen significant uplift in key PPC metrics across the board, including a 1763% YoY rise in ROI for our Father’s Day campaign.”



The implementation followed a solid and learned plan, combining all activities together. TrueView, Display and Gmail ads were all layered with core demographics, location and devices. However, Found also knew that even some of the broader-based targeting techniques would be successful as such a high volume of people are in-market for Father’s Day cards in June.

We delivered ads in the following manner:

Using interest data from Analytics, Found created an affinity audiences campaign that targeted the core demographic make-up, combined with audience interests. Found also utilised ‘custom affinity audiences’ that identify themes based on the keywords and URLs that are entered.

Found could then target users who expressed interest in these themes. Found analysed historic high performing Father’s Day keywords and built display ad groups around these. Aside from this, targeting competitor keywords allowed us to show up

on publisher pages that were talking about competitors, allowing us to steal customers away from the competition. Using Customer Match details from 2015 Father’s Day data and converting RLSA audiences in 2016, similar audiences allowed us to gain exposure to users with similar interests.

These audiences were layered with contextual and in-market segments for refining these new prospecting lists. Integrating cross channel audience lists played a pivotal role in achieving a 35% YoY uplift in conversion rate. ‘Demographics for Search Ads (DFSAs), allowed Found to upweight their search bid modifiers for the high converting audience of females between the ages of 25-34. Duplicate campaigns were also built so that discount codes and customised messaging could be shown to this specific segment. Working in tandem with DFSAs was RLSAs, Found crafted highly granular lists based, on landing pages, cookie periods, time on site and YouTube

users. Users who had actively watched a Funky Pigeon TrueView ad were added into a separate list with aggressive bid modifiers. We found that users who engaged with TrueView creative were 3x more likely to convert on a generic keyword. Found used extensive Analytics data and audience profiling to drive a retargeting strategy on TrueView, Gmail and the GDN. This cross-platform approach enabled Found to capitalise on users moving across multiple devices and channels. Contextual factors, such as onsite content, location and time of day, was combined with behavioural metrics, such as time onsite, session duration, and number of sessions, to create hyper targeted audience lists and creative. Custom scripts that synced up to Funky Pigeon’s TV schedule and increased bid modifiers across all paid channels during; and shortly after running any TV activity. This tactic allowed the Funky Pigeon brand to remain top of mind while users were browsing across devices shortly after the ad was aired.


ROI UP 1763%

129% YoY uplift in clicks and 1763% rise in ROI resulted in the daddy of all Father’s Day campaigns. The Pigeon took off!


That's a whopping 210% increase in YoY revenue with 40% less budget. Catch that, pigeon!


321,000 visitors driven for the first time, growing the core

community of bird lovers and boosting future revenue potential.


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Funky Pigeon