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Is Bidding on Core Brand Terms Worth It?

A client in the travel industry asked us to test the hypothesis that their investment in brand terms could be spent more effectively elsewhere. Through conducting a Causal Impact analysis we were able to provide the client with a comprehensive answer.

Our Objective

Our client wanted to know if they could make their PPC budget go further. The Forward3D Data Science team specialises in helping quantify and understand the impact that strategic decisions can have commercially. Our team was tasked with measuring what the impact would be if the brand stopped investing in Core Brand terms.

Collectively, the Forward3D team alongside the client hypothesized that if Core Brand PPC terms were turned off, there would not be a dip in total search sales because the brand's strong presence in natural search would compensate for these lost clicks.

What Was Achieved?

As a result of our testing, the decision was taken to pause Core Brand terms, with the teams confident that the budget could be spent more effectively elsewhere.

Through this savvy re-investment, Forward3D was then able to produce significant growth in non-brand areas, including a 120% YoY revenue increase in a high performing non-brand category with a 76% YoY budget increase funded entirely through cost savings.

In turn, this resulted in a significant increase in incremental search income as the reinvestment of budget led to SEO and PPC working more efficiently together.

How Did We Do It?

Forward3D designed a test methodology that would produce the most accurate result to either validate or invalidate the initial hypothesis. In statistical terms, we would be looking at measuring the causal impact of removing budget from Core Brand terms.

Read the full case study and explanation of our methodology here.


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