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Giordana Toccaceli - Relationship and Personal Coach

1 October 2018 23:03pm

I'm interviewing my guest on how this relationship coach helps women go from single to soulmate in record time.

My guest, Giordana Toccaceli, is the founder of the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute.

Jason: Giordana, what is it that you do and how did you get started?

Giordana: I have the privilege of demystifying relationships for men and women and helping them succeed in their desires for a passionate, loving and secure relationship that can last the distance. This has been a lifelong passion and study for me and now I am excited to finally see a vision come together with the institute.

Jason: So where are you at now and what is exciting and new?

Giordana: We opened doors to our Embodied Feminine Woman Institute and the results have been really exciting. Our vision was to create a place where women could come and receive the most amazing support and guidance on relationships. Our team is doing an amazing job as well, we now have four master coaches, three community managers and moderators of our 13,500 women's community on Facebook, we are read by over 50,000 women each month, and most of all we are very grateful that our mission and vision for supporting women is here.

Jason: You rave about how excited you are about the community of women, as you really believe in the power of community, how is your community different?

Giordana: Community is powerfully healing when done right and women thrive doing journeys together with common goals where they are in a very safe environment. We have women from all over the world, all different backgrounds and beliefs committed to being in the driver's seat of their love destiny and it is neat to see.

It is very important to us that women in our community be given the space to process their beliefs about what they can have for themselves in their life, about how they relate to themselves, work through their feelings on relationships, and given solid guidance and a step by step path to attracting the best quality relationships for happiness, passion, love and longevity with quality partners.

Jason: You have grown fast haven't you, how is the fast growth .....?

Giordana: Yes! We had fast growth and a lot of momentum so we had to learn quickly as we went. As a business, we attribute our momentum to the commitment to service and results we offer our clients and members - we have seen countless women go from single to engagements, countless marriages turnaround from the brink of divorce and seen the most amazing changes all while supporting women to discover their way and feel their most authentic selves in the process.

Jason: What do you love most about what you do?

Giordana: When a woman finds a deep peace and a deep love for herself on the inside, and begins to really understand how relationship dynamics work for her own benefit and she steps into a relationship that she is truly happy with, that is the best feeling in the world.

One of our priorities is creating a process that helps women work through the ongoing suffering they may be carrying from unresolved fears, issues around self-esteem as women and their belief in their own value and potential.

We are very excited to position ourselves in the market as a wonderful service for women wanting to succeed in their loves lives but don't want to be taught rules, surface strategies or tactics that feel inauthentic and constricting, or be taught extremes like some of the information out there. We don't believe extremes are ever needed.

Jason: What sort of women work with you or join EFW?

Giordana: We tend to attract modern, talented and self-aware women who are searching for support that is solid, proven and timeless.

We are also set apart in the market place in that we also work with a lot of men. We have a thriving men's community full of committed, self-aware, responsible men seeking to tackle issues head on in their lives, businesses & workplace, and of course relationships. We get to stay close to the needs and interests of both men and women that belong to the niche we serve and hear them out daily, informing our content and approach.

Jason: You teach a lot on masculine and feminine energetic in relationships and how they create attraction and passion, can you elaborate?

Giordana: Yes we do! At this time we've worked with hundreds of men and thousands of women and one of the foundational tenets we teach are the energetics of relationship using the framework of masculine and feminine energy, which is a reflection of the yin/yang Taoist concept of understanding energy and polarity in relationship.

We call it feminine and masculine energy. Everyone has both masculine and feminine energies inside of them however these energetics play out in relationships in ways in which they can increase passion and love and attraction or neutralize the polarity (the pull to each other.)

We can choose to use either one in our lives, the interesting part is that when it comes to love relationships, a large demographic of people fall into desiring to express one energy more than the other in the container of relationship.

Often they will want to express and experience one side of the polarity in relationship and discover more of what they are attracted to. Both energies are incredibly powerful and serve different purposes, for example a woman might be succeeding and taking charge at work, but when it comes to romance she might want a man to pursue her, plan dates, send flowers, initiate and take charge in the romance department.

For a man he might want a woman that takes charge in her life but with him lets him be the masculine predominant energy that pursues her, plans, protects her, while she radiates feminine energy, warmth, is juicily connected to her emotions and body, creates a space of being-ness and emotional connection.

Now energetics of relationship are gender neutral, so you could have the same genders in relationship with one exhibiting more of one energy than the other.

We always tell people there is no right or wrong and that understanding polarity as the basis of attraction creates passion, love, sparks, etc.

However you need to listen in and connect with yourself and hear what it is you deeply desire in relationship.

You need to get to know which energetic is most authentic to you.

Jason: How would one do that?

Giordana: You discover your predominant polarity in relationship based on your desires, fantasies and what you are attracted to. Most people haven't consciously become clear on that.

So for example let's say you are a woman and you are watching a romantic movie - what are you attracted to?

What makes you have butterflies in your stomach?

Are you attracted to the lead guy who protects, pursues the woman, is driven and take charge? More masculine in energy? Or would you rather be the one pursuing the man, taking charge, planning dates, sending gifts?

Now remember this is in relationship. As I mentioned, a woman might love taking charge a la Lara Croft at work and in her life, but when it comes to romance- where does she stand? Pursuer, claimer, protector? Or pursued and receiver, courted?

When it comes to men, same thing. In romance, does a man prefer the woman he loves to take on a more masculine energy or feminine energy?

That tells you what your predominant polarity is for romantic relationship.

You need to find for yourself what your deep seated desires are to express your authentic desires. For some women and men, they might have reservations to exploring their polarity preferences because of beliefs that one energy is weaker than the other, but when you give people the opportunity to get intimate with their authentic, desires in relationship, it never fails.

I have spent my entire life in the pursuit of developing a methodology for mapping your emotional world and really finding a real love for your own self and thriving in life. We teach women how to thrive in the dating process, and know exactly how to navigate through it successfully, avoiding pitfalls and zero connections with quality men to having multiple quality men pursuing them, and offering them a quality relationship, going on to get engaged, and forming healthy, marriages.

Choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions of your life and you going in knowing how to choose the right man, attract the right partner and be in relationship in a sustainable way is something that is fundamental to life and we are happy to provide an all-inclusive, transformational program and amazing community of women that support each other and cheer each other on.

We pride ourselves in giving our clients outstanding results and we are also proud of our high rate of renewals where clients, even once having gotten results, want to continue working with us.

The Embodied Feminine Woman Institute is about solidity, we provide amazing teachings that will revolutionize your life and support you in succeeding in your love life with ease, with knowing exactly what you are doing and getting the best results possible. We are so excited and our first enrollment has been a huge success.

You want to make sure that you make wise choices when it comes to relationships and stop wasting time! It is so easy to isolate or hit walls in love but there is no reason to, we see women and men finding love all of the time and forming amazing partnerships.

Jason: If one wanted to learn more or sign up?

Giordana: The first place I'd recommend joining would be by joining our free Facebook communities. We deliver daily value and relationship guidance there that transforms lives and gives you an honest taste of what we teach so you can see for yourself if it resonates with you.

You can join The High Value Woman for Women or Modern Masculinity for Men on Facebook as well. You can also find out more about our amazing year long program at


Giordana Toccaceli