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An interview with Alex Dee

2 April 2018 16:59pm

Alex teaches success strategies that give high performers the latest cutting-edge techniques to win. Alex has excelled at both offline and online business experiences, and now teaches these strategies to others. He has also built the #1 Online Business for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Business Owners, and Retirees.

Jason Hall: Alex, thank you for sitting down with me today, so tell me what got you into the online space?

Alex Dee: It’s actually quite interesting. Three years ago, I attended a Tony Robbins course, which was life transforming. Anyone who’s been to a course knows what I’m talking about. After the event, I decided to move to California with only $462 in my checking account. So, what does every 39-year-old who has little money do? I moved back in with my mom! Fortunately for me, Moms always love to have you back home (laughing). I was listening to all types of personal development back then, from Grand Cardone to Jim Rohn, and landed a job in the private equity space. This was great as I went from famine to feast, allowing me to earn six figures quickly, which got me back into the game of life. However, all the traveling from the job and, working 80-hour weeks was taking a toll on my body! It wasn’t until my mom got sick, and I wasn’t able to be with her, that made me realize what was most important, and that was being able to dictate my time while making money. So, I started looking into the online space because it was the only business model I’d seen where you can work from anywhere and still make a good living.

Jason Hall: So, did you crush it right away?

Alex Dee: (laughing) God no! I sucked, and couldn’t make any sales, in fact I was so pitiful that I think my fist sale came from the guy just feeling sorry for me! However, I had just been thru so many of what I like to call “entrepreneur cycles,” where you go up and down and up and down, that I was prepared to stick it thru until I made it! So everyday I would ask myself “What am I learning today?” and “What am I implementing today?” and before you know it, we started making a few sales and got some momentum going.

Jason Hall: How did that make you feel, having that first success?

Alex Dee: Long overdue! When I first met my fiancée, we had nothing. She lived in Canada, I was in California, but after I made my first $12K in a month, I remember calling her and telling her to pack her bags. She had so many questions and was frantic, but I told her “I don’t know where this is going yet, but I do know we are going to do it together!” It felt so good to be able to take care of my family in that way, especially from where we came from financially. We could finally start building our lives together. It was such a big step, and we haven’t looked back since!

Jason Hall: What would you say to the person asking themselves, “Is making money online for me?”

Alex Dee: I think those who choose the online space do it because they realize their greatest commodity is time! I have looked at 200 different business models and I have yet to see one where you can have the lifestyle you want, and still be able to scale your business while having a huge profit margin, quite like in the online space. You have to realize with online, you’re not dealing with most of the headache and hassles of an office space, overhead, and employees that come with a traditional business. In fact, you can usually have most of your work contracted out!

Also, the technology today is much easier for someone who’s a non-techie to get up and going and setup shop and make profits. The investment is minimal when compared to a franchise, or other models where the steep initial startup capital in the $50k-$1 million range. I was able to start for less than $10,000 and built it to multiple seven figures, and it’s still growing!

So, it’s a different world out there, even when compared to 2 or 3 years ago, where you have so many people able to both make money and spend time with their family, all while dictating their work schedule around other priorities that are important to them!

Jason Hall: They say we are in the days of the internet revolution. Would you say that’s true?

Alex Dee: I would say we’re just at the beginning! If you look at our shopping habits, most of us have gone from going to the store to ordering almost everything online. We love the convenience, and this is only going to get bigger and bigger as we continue, and we find more innovative ways to ship stuff online. If you look at it, what’s the only space that has gone up and up since the 90’s? It’s the online space, and I think it’s only going to pick up more steam. In the future, we’ll be doing more things and buying more things online than ever before!

Jason Hall: So, if someone were to start, what would they market?

Alex Dee: I would start by just looking at where they’re hanging out online already. Recent studies show the average person in US spends over 5 hours a day on social media! What does that mean? A LOT of eyeballs and a captive audience. Now, online you see two types of people: producers and consumers. What I had to do was go from saying great, I’m on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, now how do I go from consuming content to producing something that people are interested in buying? I realized that the answer was not that hard. In fact, there’s lots of courses out there that will teach you how to monetize from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, and Amazon. I would say, pick a social media platform you’re already using and love, and find a course that teaches you how to monetize on it. It will be second nature to you because you already are familiar with the platform, just now you’re going to use it to make money!

Jason Hall: What type of skills or background do you feel have the best success in making money online?

Alex Dee: Personally, I love to study patterns. What’s pretty cool is the students I’ve had that have been successful, all come from different backgrounds, races, ages, and are both men and women. However, the one common ingredient is the intense desire for change, knowing that their lives is made up of more than just paying bills and doing long commutes each day. They want something bigger for themselves and their families, and they’re not going to be stopped until they have it!

So, to answer your question, the only thing I see someone needs to succeed is a hunger for something that is much better than what they have now.

Jason Hall: Thank you for your time! Anything else you’d like to share?

Alex Dee: Yes, pick your top 3 dreams and take the steps you need to take to make it reality! Time is fleeting, so make each day count, because you’re worth it!

Note: For more information on Alex Dee, you can get access by visiting their company page.