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Sports Memorabilia Business Owner. An interview with Matt Powers.

23 May 2018 0:21am

Five Channels: So how did you get started in the sports memorabilia business?

Matt Powers: I had just completed an internship with the Oakland A’s and was looking for a new field to get into. Friend of mine from High School had a position open at local sports memorabilia store. Started working there in 2004 and learned a great deal about the business there.

Five Channels: So how did Powers Sports Memorabilia get started?

Matt Powers: I moved out of the area and had to leave the memorabilia company I was working for. Thought what better way than to start my own business since I had all the knowledge and contacts.

Five Channels: What is the most expensive piece of memorabilia you have ever sold?

Matt Powers: A Babe Ruth signed baseball. Won’t say the exact price, but well into the 5 figures.

Five Channels: What do you see is the biggest challenge facing Powers Sports Memorabilia and the industry itself?

Matt Powers: Constantly evolving and separating yourself from everyone else. Designing new products no one has ever seen before, offering new experiences to fans, and above all, always striving to offer the best product, buying experience, and price all at the same time.

Five Channels: What would you say to someone who wants to get into collecting autographs?

Matt Powers: Go slow and start small. Start by collecting autographed baseballs, and mini helmets, so they do not take up much room in your collection until you find out what you really like. Also, these items tend to be the least expensive, so you don’t blow your budget.

Lastly, do your homework! Get to know the company you are buying from. Where do they get their items? What’s their return policy? What authentication comes with their items? Questions like that should always be asked.

Five Channels: That's good advice! I could imagine your industry experiences many opportunities of less-than-trustworthy characters. Thank you for your time today.