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Under Armour: Maximising global appeal with Facebook’s cross-border ad solutions

by Stephanie Boland

The American sportswear maker doubled its return on investment by using Facebook's cross-border tools to dynamically show ads and sales catalogues in local languages and currencies.


Keeping Europe moving

Founded in the US in 1996, sportswear manufacturer Under Armour pioneered the use of special fabrics that keep athletes dry while they exercise. The company now produces a full range of footwear, sports and casual apparel, and its European operations are based in Amsterdam.


Making local knowledge work

Under Armour EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) wanted to streamline its ad buying across different markets in Europe to make its marketing spend more effective.


Speaking the right language

Working with Facebook Marketing Partner Smartly.io, Under Armour decided to use Facebook’s cross-border catalogue tool to consolidate its ads across Europe. This tool allows multinational companies dealing in multiple markets to create one catalogue of products that can be served in as many different languages as required. Facebook can then use dynamic language optimisation to identify and serve the relevant product information in its ads.

This means that Facebook can deliver relevant ads to the right audience in a preferred language, and can also dynamically localise product currency and availability in catalogue-driven dynamic ads. By doing this, Facebook can provide useful insights about which ads work best, and where.

Facebook’s cross-border solutions also allowed Under Armour to consolidate its campaign structure. By running fewer individual campaigns, the company saved time and effort. The results also allowed Under Armour to improve its campaign efficiency across different markets, including investing more in regions that performed better than anticipated.


A great workout

With the help of Facebook’s cross-border ad tools, Under Armour successfully strengthened its return on ad spend and reduced its number of campaigns by 4.5X. Under Armour continues to use the cross-border catalogue, and between August 2019–May 2020, has seen the following results:

- 2X increase in return on investment

- 35% decrease in cost per sale

- 35% increase in conversion rate

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We see Facebook playing a key role in showing market potential, mainly due to the cross-market budget optimisations within our campaigns. Not only are we spending more efficiently, but we’re also being shown where the highest purchase intent exists for our products. Results have shown this to be in unexpected markets, in which we would still be under-investing if it wasn’t for the cross-border solutions.

~Ayanna Colden, Digital Marketing Specialist, Under Armour EMEA




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