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Tatti Lashes making eyelashes look great

by Kirsten Coventry

Making eyelashes look great

Europe’s leading false eyelash brand promoted a new collaboration with a famous international makeup artist with ads in Instagram Stories, which resulted in a 36% lower cost per click compared to ads in feed alone.

From humble beginnings in Liverpool, England, Tatti Lashes has grown to become the number one false eyelash brand in Europe, and a favourite with glamorous celebrities worldwide.

Instagram and Facebook are pivotal to our digital strategy. Both social media platforms are at the forefront of brand activity assisting in acquiring and retaining customers — 25% of our overall traffic comes from Instagram Stories. We plan to continue scaling via both platforms in order to hit internal targets and continue to conquer the eyelash market.

~Ryan Barton, Digital Director, Tatti Lashes


Driving online sales

Tatti Lashes was launching its second collaboration with the makeup artist @mmmmitchell and it wanted to boost traffic from Instagram Stories by making the most of its key ad creative.


Trendsetting Stories

Tatti Lashes is endorsed by some of the world’s leading social influencers, including Jeffree Star, Nikkie Cosmetics and Jamie Genevieve. Instagram also accounts for more than half of its website traffic.

Tatti Lashes was launching its second collaboration with @mmmmitchell, so it decided to run ads in Instagram Stories alongside its standard ads in feed, to help drive sales.

Targeted to a broad female and male audience, the ad creative was tailored specifically for Instagram Stories and showcased the brand in a fun and engaging way, using the Swipe Up feature.

The ads ran from April–November 2019, with these results:

36% decrease in cost per click with ads in Stories, compared to feed alone

64% increase in click-through rate with ads in Stories, compared to feed alone

25% of web traffic came from ads in Stories