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Audience data sessions: Q&A with Affinity Answers

May 4, 2021

In light of the announcement of Eyeota’s expanded partnership with Affinity Answers in APAC, we invited Managing Director for the Asia Pacific region, Maya Venkatesh, to shed some light on the partnership with Eyeota, what makes Affinity Answers’ audiences unique and how they are preparing, as data providers, for the shift to a cookieless world. Read our Q&A now to learn more.

Affinity Answers is described as a leader in social powered data insights, can you share any insights into changing consumer behaviours in the last 12 months?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to dramatic changes in consumer activity. In the last 12 months, consumers are spending more time online searching, sharing, and buying with 50% of internet users accessing social networks. With such skyrocketing figures in usage of social media, marketers are shifting their ad spend towards programmatic advertising. Affinity Answers is a leader in social-powered data insights and we enable marketers and consumer insight professionals to identify and activate passionate fans across brands via our proprietary TrueAffinity model.

The adoption of programmatic data buying is still in its infancy in APAC. Marketers need to leverage skilled data partners who can support them to generate better ROI in their programmatic campaigns.

What makes Affinity Answers’ insights unique?

Our data insights are built for the digital targeting ecosystem, where reach is crucial. This makes Affinity Answers’ data unique as we are the only social data provider tracking only positive engagements between people and brands without compromising reach using our TrueAffinity® model. We provide scale without compromising relevance. We model audiences based on granular brand level engagement data, rather than using category level data.

TrueAffinity®, our proprietary model, analyzes content engagement from 550 million people across 70,000 entities to create a brand-level recommendation engine – similar to that of Netflix or Amazon. This is an advanced form of look-alike modeling, called act-alike modelling that goes well beyond interest and category level data, and delivers brand-level affinities to better define your audience.

Eyeota works with Affinity Answers to activate its valuable consumer attitudes, characteristics and behavioural insights as digital audiences are there any new updates to our partnership this year?

We are excited to announce our partnership with Eyeota, established in Q4 last year, and that the relationship will continue this year: we will be expanding our social insights to the APAC region, which is a major market for us.

Key Partnership highlights:

- 600+ syndicated segments available for activation

- Capability to create custom segments - we provide ‘Positive Purchaser’-based audiences (i.e. modelling audiences based on purchasers who then positively talk about their purchase on social media)

- Coverage in 7 countries in APAC (India, Australia & New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand)

What is Affinity Answers’ positioning in the identity and cookieless landscape?

Affinity Answers offers a data science model, TrueAffinity®, which enhances and enriches the data set of IDs we receive from Eyeota. In line with Eyeota’s agnostic approach to identity, TrueAffinity® is ID-agnostic. Currently, we are enriching cookies and MAIDs from Eyeota, while simultaneously having strategic conversations with Eyeota on the timeline of receiving Eyeota IDs for modeling purposes. We are confident that these early conversations, stemming from a trusted partnership, will enable us to get ahead of any reliance on cookies well ahead of January 2022.

What are the opportunities for marketers using data in 2021?

As social media usage continues to increase, a wealth of data is available through user engagements, allowing advertisers to target the right audience based on actual user behaviour. Marketers today are looking for better contextual-based targeting. The opportunity for marketers using data in 2021 is finding alternate data sources with better user engagement. As technologies, channels, and consumer demands evolve, data-driven marketing will remain the standard. The marketers who know how to access and leverage this data will be able to drive better marketing campaigns.

Would you like to know more? Are you ready to activate Affinity Answers audiences for your digital marketing campaigns?

With Eyeota, Affinity Answers audiences are available for campaign activation in APAC, EMEA and the US. Contact our Audience Specialists at datadesk@eyeota.com to request your custom targeting solution today!


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