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Audience data sessions: Q&A with Acxiom

April 7, 2021

In our recent Q&A, senior digital partner manager Michelle Reynolds discusses Acxiom's focus on people-based marketing and the importance of knowing and understanding your target audience. Read more below to discover Acxiom's expectations for a cookieless world and why Eyeota's commitment to transparency plays a key role in our partnership!

Can you introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities?

I am a senior digital partner manager for Acxiom with more than 30 years of experience including product development, operations, and marketing services of consumer data. I partner with publishers and platforms to grow their digital strategy, providing privacy compliant superior data to meet the high demand of agencies and advertisers.

Acxiom highlights “people-based” as a key care-about, can you describe what this means and how your data is different?

People-based marketing is marketing that recognizes and reaches real people with messages that matter to them, via their phones, inboxes, mailboxes, apps - you name it. Done right, living, breathing human beings get offers they actually want to see because you’ve connected data about them and understood their preferences, instead of settling for a partial understanding.

Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

Just as people want consistent experiences with brands regardless of which channel they’re using, brands prefer to have consistent partners across borders. We are excited to be partnered with Eyeota to allow advertisers to activate their campaigns wherever they choose. Acxiom currently has data available on the Eyeota platform for the US, with audiences for Australia, Canada, India and Japan coming later in April. We are also actively working on securing availability soon for several other markets!

Privacy is another aspect we look at carefully with our partners. All data sourced by Acxiom goes through our proprietary and intensive privacy review process to ensure the data is collected with proper notice and choice and complies with all laws at all levels (state, federal, country, etc.) such as Privacy Shield, GDPR, PIPEDA, etc. Acxiom has a dedicated global data team responsible for data curation and data activation on a worldwide basis. This team allows Acxiom to fulfill its mission of making it safe and easy to activate data anywhere in the world. Acxiom’s ethical data use methodology accounts for data protection rules, cross-border requirements and appropriate uses of data. Our partnership with Eyeota reflects our commitment to data transparency and quality.

How are Acxiom audiences relevant for advertisers?

Creating the best audiences starts with the best data that connects you to real people with true 1:1 audience reach. The more you know about your audience, the more precise and relevant your messaging and offers can be. Acxiom audiences are built with a range of data types and offer thousands of audience selectors. There is no better source for digital and offline engagement for acquisition, up-sell/cross-sell and retention/reactivation.

Acxiom audiences may include data from our comprehensive data products:

InfoBase® – Acxiom’s comprehensive third-party insights providing known interest and demographic data at the individual, household and address levels. InfoBase is the largest collection of US consumer information available in one source. InfoBase provides the most accurate and comprehensive consumer insights and data with more than 1,500 attributes representing 100% of marketable US consumers and households. It offers unprecedented detail, accuracy and coverage, combined with more tools and features to help brands get the most out of their marketing efforts.

Audience Propensities – More than 3500 unique indicators accurately predicting brand affinity and preferences, in- market interests and timing, and media viewing habits to fuel powerful experiences and engagement. Ready to go, these models require little configuration.

Personicx® segmentation –Personicx offers five powerful systems in the US, allowing marketers to segment by individual, household, life stage, financial or insurance behaviors, and Hispanic ethnicity and acculturation. Personicx is available in select countries around the globe, analyzing the digital behaviors of consumers worldwide.

Partner Audiences – Uniquely insightful behavioral and attitudinal indicators developed in partnership with select data providers. Solutions include insights from product-level purchasing, retail spend, omnichannel content consumption, interests, and lifestyles for brands seeking to fine-tune their people-based engagements.

How should marketers best use Acxiom audiences?

Acxiom audiences are collected and organized at a brand level, which is more granular than broad interest level data. This makes our audiences ideal for Conquest Strategies, Penetration Strategies, and Amplification of artist, movie, or TV promotions or sponsorships.

The breadth of our available data allows advertisers to use the right data for the right opportunity. For example, online behavior indicates a person is in a lower funnel/purchase/intent mode, so we should build an audience based on digital behavior. For awareness, consideration, upper funnel and mid-funnel campaigns, people-based data can narrow the audience to those who are the best fit.

If you are unsure where to start, Data Guru, our team of data strategists, can help. The team looks at your campaign objectives and provides the expertise to guide you through audience creation, curating the best possible audience to crush your advertising goals.

What are your data predictions for 2021?

Change, change and more change! Google’s announcement about the deprecation of third-party cookies is fueling loads of innovation. We keep up with the latest and our thoughts on this evolving space here.

No matter what happens with cookies, IDFAs, or anything else, we see a trend in which relevancy becomes more important – people are starting to do more, change brands, try new things, etc. more now that COVID vaccines are more readily available and the economy is opening up. Acxiom data can help find the right people for the right product.

Cohort marketing is also trending due to Google’s FLoC – the mindset that individual level marketing may be too intrusive. Acxiom has the best of both worlds – individual/household level and a segmentation system bringing together life-stage-based groups via Personicx. Personicx is tied to MRI Simmons survey data making your marketing research actionable. Personicx segments are available via Eyeota!

Privacy will continue to be top of mind for marketers with those who do the right things – consumer access, notice, choice winners. Acxiom’s leadership can assist agencies and brands in staying ahead of the curve, in the know, and on the right side of history.

With Eyeota, Acxiom audiences are available for campaign activation in the US. Acxiom audiences are available to push to any preferred platform via your private accounts/seat. Acxiom data is also available in Xandr Marketplace, Zeta Global and Adobe Advertising Cloud. For more information about Acxiom, connect with an audience specialist today at DataDesk@eyeota.com or contact DataGuru@Acxiom.com for assistance.


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