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Freshpet raises awareness and drives in-store sales


Freshpet, a leading American manufacturer of fresh, healthy pet food, wanted to raise product awareness and increase sales within stores across the country using programmatic advertising. The KPI for this campaign was measured via pixel fires when a user took certain on-site actions.

The client also incorporated video in the campaign, focusing on brand awareness with the aim of achieving a 67% completion rate. Success was measured on this as well as the brand lift via a Nielsen Study.

Both display and video had strict campaign standards set by the agency. Some key metrics included:

• Viewability minimum of 50% • Fraud (GIVT & SIVT) below 1.8%. • Brand Risk under 9.5%

A CPA goal was established for display, and attention goals established for video.


The campaign was optimized through our unified trading platform, Proteus, activating across four DSPs to ensure delivery on the best performing channels against Freshpet’s objectives.

For the display portion of the campaign, the trading team noticed that the conversions were closely linked to clicks. Taking the CPC metric into consideration, The Exchange Lab & Freshpet’s agency decided to test a new strategy to drive increased performance. Optimizations include altering the bidding algorithm from CPA to CPC in the platforms and creating a budget group focusing strictly on CPC. What happened? Performance skyrocketed and so did volume of conversions.

The key tactics implemented were reach, device, look-a-like, contextual, channel, and behavioral targeting.

For the video portion, the strategy was focused on selecting channels and inventory with both high viewability and completion rates.


Freshpet was able to achieve an average CPA that was 70% under the established goal. This was significantly lower on a weekly basis, where a CPA 90% under the goal was consistently achieved.

The overall completion rate for the video portion of the campaign landed at approximately 70%, exceeding their brand awareness campaign objective.

The Exchange Lab was proud to be Freshpet’s strongest partner on plan.

  • 70% Under the established CPA goal
  • 90% Consistently under the CPA goal (on weekly basis)
  • 70% Overall completion rate for video


  • Strength of a unified platform approach was highlighted in this campaign:
  • Distinctive CPA results from one platform to another – Proteus allowed spend to be shifted seamlessly to the highest performing platform
  • Device performance varied strongly by platform – some leading on desktop and others best performing on tablet and smartphone
  • Highest video completion rate on desktop with 15 second video creatives vs. 30 seconds
  • Top performing sites: local news and real estate sites
  • Significantly more women converted than men


“The Exchange Lab exceeded our campaign KPIs and was consistently a top partner on the plan. The Exchange Lab team proactively offered new solutions and recommendations that increased the campaign performance. Efficient media delivery, frequent optimizations, and great technology all contributed to the client’s sales growth.”

Scott Konopasek, Associate Director of Communication Strategy, Generator Media


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