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The European Connected TV Initiative is exploring the potential of connected TV advertising in Europe. This major thought leadership project is sponsored by Google, Roku, Fincons and IPONWEB.

Founded: 2020


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CTV in France: Conversation with TF1's Julien Boyreau

by Mary Ann Halford

April 2, 2021

Julien Boyreau, Director of AdTech at TF1, talks with Mary Ann Halford from the European Connected TV Initiative about how the French broadcaster is leveraging Connected TV. He does not regard Connected TV as a separate silo, but as an integrated part of TF1's addressable TV strategy. Julien discusses the success TF1 has had in developing addressable TV solutions with telcos and is confident that they will have a similar experience in getting TV manufacturers to provide advanced HbbTV advertising capabilities. He also touts TF1’s One PTV solution, which is enabling advertisers to buy linear TV advertising programmatically. Boyreau explains “One PTV is a good API, like the Google API for search and the Facebook API is for social.”


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