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Immersive augmented reality experience brings Supersaurs 2 book to life

28 February 2018 20:05pm

The UK’s leading AR agency, Engine Creative, has partnered with artist, author and TV presenter Jay Jay Burridge to create a unique and immersive augmented reality (AR) experience for kids that harnesses the very latest advances in AR technology.

Created to coincide with the latest Supersaurs adventure written and illustrated by Burridge, the AR experience transports readers into the amazing world of Supersaurs - a world where dinosaurs survived, evolved, and live side-by-side with humans.

In a unique twist to other AR experiences triggered from books, readers can become immersed in the Supersaurs environment where they can search for hidden treasure whilst steering clear of the charging Stegosaurus! All of this immersive 360° world can be experienced without the need of a VR headset as it works straight from any compatible mobile device.

"AR technology is finally at a point where we can create amazing experiences directly on the printed page and in the wider world, and Supersaurs is a fantastic example of just that - an amazing story, an amazing brand and an amazing technical innovation brought to life by our award-winning team. The experience enables users to actually walk around in a virtual Supersaurs 3D world with a herd of 15 meter long stegosaurs coming at you at 40 mph!"

Matthew Key, Managing Director at Engine Creative


"This immersive experience is achieved as the Supersaurs app is amongst the first to be released to leverage the ability of image recognition to track a known object in the physical world alongside the 6 degrees of freedom offered by Apple’s ARKit. This unique combination means that brands can now extend their products with rich AR experiences in a way that, up until now, would not have been possible."

Chris Dun, Head of Digital Products at Engine Creative


As the UK’s leading AR agency, Engine Creative has been pushing the possibilities of AR since 2011, and early adoption has given them insights that no other UK creative agency can provide.

The award-winning agency has created pioneering AR content experiences for the biggest brands in the world including Tesco, Honeywell, BiC and Argos. The team at Engine Creative are currently working on implementing AR solutions across a range of sectors including retail, automotive and construction, and are focussed on working with brands to help them solve their business challenges through immersive technology such as AR, VR and MXR.

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augmented reality
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