UBS SmartWealth — A smarter way to invest

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UBS SmartWealth is a new kind of investing that combines digital wealth management with UBS's market leading expert insight, providing on-the-go, online access to investments at all times

Clients will receive personalised advice based on UBS investment expertise and provide a new perspective on your wealth that focuses on your personal goals.

Else were tasked with supporting the UBS innovation team to outline and prove the business opportunity. That meant defining a new service and working with UBS to deliver the proposition to market.

The product needed to deliver against the high service standards set by the UBS Wealth Management brand, whilst taking all client interactions online, without a human presence.

The service would first need to switch people on to the idea of investing and taking responsibility for their future wealth, while ensuring that users felt confident, informed and supported

We needed to design a solution smart enough to take the bank’s expert knowledge and translate it so that users were presented with clear, actionable information.

UBS SmartWealth goes beyond the ‘robo-advisors’ currently on the market by offering regulated financial advice. This means the system has to interpret clients’ financial status, capacity for loss and attitude to risk in order to offer suitable investment strategies.

“Else became a fully-integrated part of our team and played a key role in making UBS SmartWealth what it is today. Else’s work helped take us from complex ideas and problems to a living and breathing product that will make a positive, meaningful impact on people’s lives.”

Shane Williams — Co-Head of UBS SmartWealth

​SmartWealth went live in beta mode in November 2016 and saw its UK launch in February 2017. Other non-US markets will follow, making for a truly global proposition.

This highly collaborative process has taken a brand new service from inception to launch within two years.

As a further endorsement of the project’s success, in May 2017, SmartWealth won the ‘2017 Technology Innovation of the Year’ category at the Magic Circle Awards, sponsored by CityWealth.