Shell – Delivering Loyalty as a Service

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Shell wanted to rethink how they engage with their customers on the forecourt

As part of a digitisation programme they have recently launched several digital products, including their first pay at the pump app.

We were asked to translate their existing card based loyalty scheme into an app based experience.

In close partnership with Wunderman, we developed service design concepts to make interacting with Shell feel more premium and more memorable.

We charted the customer journey by using an Experience Blueprint. It highlighted, as well friction on the forecourt around payments, some fundamental opportunities before and after a visit.

The true scope started to emerge. We organised ideas that could be delivered NOW (within 6 months), SOON (within 12 months) and LATER (18 months+).

A plan was now in place – starting with how their existing apps and tools could be brought into a loyalty eco-system to help kick-start behaviour change.

The culmination of design thinking was used to run a workshop with the wider Shell stakeholders to understand how loyalty could be delivered as a service across all their digital properties.

The work was a success and led onto applying the same process for the global marketing teams at Shell.