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A brand for DX that reflects their market leading status

Positioning DX as a market leader and making them relevant in a changing sector.

DX is the UK’s largest independent mail, courier and logistics operator.

The problem was, not a lot of people knew it.

They’d acquired so many new companies and been through so much change that not even their employees were entirely sure who they worked for any more.

They were in danger of becoming the brand that time forgot.

DX have been going for over 30 years and now have more than 3000 employees.

They’re responsible for the movement of an eye-watering one million items every day, from passports and credit cards to clothes and gig tickets.

But as fast as DX were moving items – the competition was moving faster, sweeping up new business opportunities as the freight and logistics world became more commoditised, aggressive and digitally-focussed.

Everyone needed a timely reminder:

Who DX was

What they were capable of

While DX had been investing massively in technology and infrastructure in the drive to move their business forward, the brand itself had been left behind.

It was our job to deliver a new identity that reflected where the business was going – but we also needed to remind everyone what the business stood for.

And by everyone, we meant those inside the organisation as well as out.

The elements that needed consideration were many and varied.

Visually, all the brand components needed to be consistent, relevant to the market, and set DX apart from the competition.

Emotionally, it needed to position them as the market leader, put customers firmly at the heart of the business, and galvanise staff.

No small task, but we managed it.

In two words.

Delivered Exactly captured what the business was about, well, exactly.

As a strapline, it made it clear what DX does.

As a rallying call, it gave employees something to get behind.

And as a brand promise, it gave the company something to strive for.

It also, by happy accident, played on the brand name itself.

The new brand was launched internally to staff through an intranet takeover and redesign, followed up with all the usual collateral from newsletters to uniforms and signage.

More importantly, the brand ethos was embedded via the Delivered Exactly Programme – a series of workshops and training designed to put a rocket up the service levels and make sure every member of the organisation would play their part.

We then set about showcasing the brand externally at every customer and prospect touch point.

Last but not least came the DX trucks.

They are on the road every day, moving hundreds of millions of items around the country, each featuring the new logo in huge letters. And every time we see one, we’re just a little bit chuffed.


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