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Dynata & TabMo measure efficiency of ad distribution & targeting for global sporting apparel brand.

by Melissa Byron

The Situation

Multi-screen advertising platform, TabMo, aimed
to optimise and measure their client’s in-flight
campaign by identifying which channels were most
efficient in reaching their target audience. TabMo’s
client, one of the world’s largest sporting apparel
brands was targeting adults between the ages of
18 – 34 with an interest in sporting goods across
three markets, the UK, Italy, and Spain.

The Solution

Dynata’s Audience Verification platform enables
agencies, advertisers, and publishers to measure
the efficiency of ad distribution and targeting to
optimise in-flight campaigns across the digital
value chain. Connecting live campaign impressions
to Dynata’s first-party, opted-in, cross-device
panel provides unique insights into all elements of
the campaign delivery. Dynata’s solution enabled
TabMo to increase overall campaign performance
by identifying channels, data sources, exchanges
and publishers that reached a larger portion of their
client’s target audience, resulting in a higher return
on investment in target reach.

The Results

Leveraging Dynata’s Audience Verification solution,
TabMo validated the audience reached based on
several key demographic attributes, and optimised
three in-flight campaigns. During the campaign,
TabMo discovered that a portion of impressions in
the UK were outside of their client’s target audience
and some media partners within the ecosystem were
providing greater efficiency in reaching the core
target audiences. This insight allowed TabMo to adjust
their strategy to focus on supply side partners that
reached a higher percentage of the target audience
and provide greater efficiency for their client.
With Dynata’s Adimension dashboard, TabMo also
discovered rich insights pertaining to the accuracy
of each campaign’s targeting and how it influenced
consumers at all levels of the purchase funnel. This
gave TabMo a true understanding of the actual
audiences reached and enabled them to
achieve efficiencies in advertising spend.

  • TabMo identified top-performing channel
    supply partners that were able to distribute
    the highest percentage of impressions to the
    correct target audience.
  • The solution enabled TabMo to optimise
    the campaign in-flight, which resulted in
    increased campaign performance, more
    efficient allocation of budget and an increase
    in return on investment for their client.