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What makes Dutch digital design agencies tick (2/2)

November 5, 2021

About Dutch (digital) design. Talent. Contributing to a better world. And the future.

In a series of video snapshots, leading Dutch digital design agencies and designers share what they believe makes Dutch digital design stand out, and how to attract and keep talent. They also talk about the ways digital design can contribute to a better world, and the future of digital design. Each snapshot gives us an insight into what makes these agencies and designers tick. Brought to you by Dutch Digital Design, a collective of Dutch agencies and brands - sharing and celebrating the very best of Dutch digital work.

Contributors: Robot Kittens, Greenberry, Fabrique, Media.Monks, Kaliber, Bravoure, Ronin, Code d’Azur, KAPOOOW, Resoluut, WONDERLAND, Build in Amsterdam, Studio Dumbar, Adventure Club and Dutch Digital Design.

This is part II - about the future of digital design, and contributing to a better world

How can digital design help contribute to a better world?

'A digital agency can help create impact, on a global level, without borders. By educating and raising awareness digitally.’ (Theo de Monchy - WONDERLAND)

We all want a better world, and the last 18 months have made it very clear that this is an absolute must. A better world means a better future for the next generation. And it is never too early to start. All around us people are standing up, fighting for their and other people’s rights. Digital designers and design agencies can help contribute too.

Creating products that do good

Theo (WONDERLAND) firmly believes that everyone needs to be greener and cleaner, more environmentally friendly, including all agencies, brands and businesses. Alain (Greenberry) also feels that it is digital designers and agencies’ responsibility to combine their empathy, creativity and tech knowledge to create products that do good.

For Margot Gabel (Build in Amsterdam) accessibility is key. A priority at Build in Amsterdam - for every project and every digital experience they create. They feel it is their duty to educate both clients and teams, and to make sure that it is not just an after-thought.

‘As digital influencers with access to a large audience, we need to add ethics to everything we do.’ (Anthony Thissen - Bravoure)

Remco (KAPOOOW) goes one step further and states that design is political and represents the norm. Design, therefore, acts as a messenger.

The future of digital design: are boundaries fading between the physical and digital world?

‘Digital technology takes away the barriers, enabling you to travel from within your own space.’ (Liza Enebis - Studio Dumbar)

During the COVID-19 pandemic digital technology helped us stay in touch. Making the world smaller. For a while it looked like the pandemic was slowly erasing our physical world and accelerating the digitalisation of the world around us. How does that feel now?

Synergetic user experiences

Yasmine (Ronin) feels that the two worlds are merging. This allows for brands to create synergetic user experiences - enhancing both worlds. Theo (Wonderland) agrees and adds that the digital world will never replace the physical world. He sees the digital world enhancing the physical world by leading people to brands, and helping them remember.

New opportunities

All agree that the digital world won’t replace the physical world, but will help enhance it. Remco (KAPOOOW) believes that digital technology will help create a smooth, integrated brand experience, with additional story-telling touchpoints. Liza (Studio Dumbar) adds that digital technology generates possibilities to experiment, which in turn creates more opportunities.

The future of digital design: what will be the biggest development in digital design?

‘A well-balanced mix between digital design and human creativity, in order to stand out in an automated, fast-moving world.’ (Bert Hagendoorn - Dutch Digital Design)

We all agree that digital technology will never replace the need for physical contact and products, but it can surely help make the world run a little smoother. So, which digital technologies can we not do without in the future?

Motion design & Augmented reality

Liza (Studio Dumbar) starts off with stating that most brands purely exist on digital platforms nowadays. She is absolutely certain that static platforms are no longer an option. Digital technology will need to enhance digital platforms. According to Liza, motion will play an integral, key role in this. Margot (Build in Amsterdam) adds that she thinks augmented reality will be the future of e-commerce - adding layers to the physical reality, and therefore enhancing it.

Data is key

Thuy Tran (Adventure Club) believes in a future of hyper-personalised experiences where ownership of data will move from companies to users. Users will decide how, when and how often their personal data is shared. This change in direction will create new opportunities, but also require a different approach by digital designers. Also Amanda (Fabrique) sees a key role for data in the future: useful, trustworthy and meaningful data is required in order to create content that stands out. Content that will make a difference, and contributes to more meaningful, personal experiences.

‘Let’s not focus on digitalisation for digitalisation’s sake only, let’s focus on creating digital products that make a difference, that benefit us all, that do good.’ (Alain Dujardin - Greenberry)

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