Uniting three brands under one roof

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Bring together COUNT’s three sub-brands, COUNT Energy Trading, COUNT Energy Distribution, and COUNT Westgass under a well-defined brand architecture, revamp the brand identity, and build a website that showcases each sub-brand’s unique offerings.


A future-proof master brand, The COUNT Group, that serves as the face of the three sub-brands. The compelling brand is supported by a sleek new website that tells the brand’s story, showcases their diverse range of products and services, and gives each sub-brand its own space to shine.


The COUNT Group now boasts a cohesive brand identity and comprises three strong, differentiated sub-brands that are consistent with the master brand. Each sub-brand’s purpose, promise, and products are clearly reflected in a sleek and informative group website.


- Stellar collaboration with the client. Multiple feedback sessions helped ensure we were on the same page and delivered what COUNT was looking for.
- The challenge of bringing three brands together was rewarding to overcome! We’re stoked to see The COUNT Group make waves with their new branding and website.

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