How we created a children’s storybook for Chinese New Year - powered entirely by AI.

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The Thinking

The Thinking

We wanted to do something special to celebrate this Chinese New Year. Officially the year of the rabbit, this new year coincided with the unveiling of the awesome power of Chat-GPT, suggesting it could well be the year of AI too. We were excited to see what other generative-AI platforms were capable of, and decided to combine them to show our clients that, as B2B tech experts, we don’t just write about tech, we use it to power our social content. Which is how we got the idea for an AI-powered children’s storybook.

The Making

We combined tradition with cutting-edge technology, letting our creative team loose on a range of AI tools to create a children’s storybook starring the animals of the Chinese zodiac. We used AI to produce every element of the work, with the script written by Chat GPT, the visuals by MidJourney AI, Murbert AI composing the music, and Narakeet AI narrating the story. We even used our very own AI tool voundry to distribute the content to our clients. The result is a visually captivating immersive journey through the customs and celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

The Blowing Up

We used our own AI-powered video personalisation engine voundry to personalise and distribute the storybook to all our clients and wider networks as a digital greeting card. We also shared the storybook on our website and social channels, with our industry partners, and with the trade press. Naturally we wrote the press release using ChatGPT.

The Positive Impact

News of our storybook travelled fast, and was picked up by numerous online media and marketing publications including the Drum, Adobo, Campaign Asia, Campaign Brief Asia and Roastbrief, generating new business leads, and showcasing how distillery is embracing an AI-powered future.