Using behavioural data to drive media efficiency

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The Galaxy Note 10 was to become Samsung’s most iconic handset, but to sell in the highly competitive handset world we needed to find and connect with new audiences who were likely to buy – and fast.


We used behavioural data to develop profiles that precisely identified new audiences. Armed with our knowledge we combined this data with a unique AI retargeting strategy.

Then, working with Google and Facebook, we developed custom intent and propensity models that forensically identified Note 10 prospects. This enabled us to precisely target our audiences and give the right promotion at the right time. We then retargeted them again and again wherever the audience went online.


By combining AI and behavioural driven targeting, we achieved staggering improvements in efficiency and sales:

· 40% lowering of costs per engagement

· 60% overall reduction in media spend

· 30% more orders on