OREO - Press play to win

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The challenge

The challenge

2021 is a music year for OREO in Europe. Following a partnership with Lady Gaga in Q1, and a new equity campaign in Q2 featuring a train station busker, for Q3, our partners at Mondelez Europe tasked us with creating a music-themed activation.

The objective

To drive sales as well as build affinity with our core audience of young millennials and millennial parents.

The idea

An online/offline connected packaging experience that celebrates the nostalgia and joy in sharing music OREO –Press Playto WinWe created a connected packaging experience integrated with digital and AI activations, turning OREO cookie packs into devices for crafting the perfect mixtape. With every OREO pack bought in-store, consumers can use AI technology to scan the OREO logo and gain access to a digital experience that includes sharing online ‘mixtapes’ with friends, as well as creating physical mixtapes with printed Spotify codes, filled with lovely cookies and packaged in a cassette-player pack. The activation plays on the nostalgia surrounding mixtapes for millennials, and bring some playful, tasty yet analogue fun to music sharing in the digital world.

The results

The campaign is running until 31st October, but OREO are on track with sales targets, and the work has picked up some great press coverage along the way.