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"Smashing" SEO, PPC & Organic Social For Smashed Grapes

by Rob Ling

The Client.

Smashed Grapes are an online eCommerce and subscription business specialising in providing fantastic wines without the BS, which are great for consumers, producers and the planet.

The Challenge.

As a relatively new business, Smashed Grapes were looking for a marketing partner to provide and execute a clear marketing strategy that would see them get more subscribers and support their overall plans for growth for new customer acquisition.

The Approach.

The campaign focused on three deliverable areas, SEO, Paid Media and Organic Social, all underpinned with creative messaging and visuals.

Our first point of action was to start building their organic presence. Initially, there were only 29 ranking keywords, with none on page one. We put in place an SEO plan with a focus on customer-first content. At the core of this strategy were blogs to capture those searching for information, who could then trickle down the funnel. As well as creating new content, we also focused on reworking their landing pages with a focus on core keywords and writing for conversions.

We knew social media would play a huge role in finding new customers and building a community. Posts were created to incentivise people to subscribe and promote the Try Before You Buy events. Each is made with a unique tone of voice and approach designed to engage.

For Google ads and paid social, our focus again was not only on increasing subscribers but also on selling individual products through the eCommerce division of their business. Seasonal events, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, are peak times online for alcohol purchases, so we focussed on optimising our ads and product feed attributes in time for these seasons.

To support our efforts on social and Google ads, we provided a creative consultancy to allow us to communicate similar messages but in fun, creative ways, be it through images, animations or videos.

The Result.

Since working together, we have seen some great successes.

Organic keywords have seen an 813% increase with 330 ranking at the time of writing, 33 of which are on page 1, with 16 in the top 3 positions.

Organic traffic is now the second highest generator of new customer acquisition as a first click attribution.

Our Google Performance Max Campaigns have generated a Return On Ad Spend of 133%.Organic social – 53% increase in post interactions Year on Year.


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Smashed Grapes