An omni-channel approach for Earthly - one of the UK's highest certifying B Corps

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The Brief

The Brief

Earthly first approached Digital Ethos as a crowdfunded startup needing support across all channels of their online marketing. Earthly is a platform that helps drive investment into high-quality nature-based solutions that remove carbon, restore biodiversity and support local communities. Earthly is proud to be a Social Enterprise and one of the UK’s highest certifying B Corps.

The main aim was to increase brand exposure, position CEO Oliver Bolton as a thought leader, capture attention and generate leads – whilst educating the audience of the global impact of climate change.

Our Approach

One of the first tasks we carry out with startups are ‘go to market’ sessions and ‘persona’ workshops. This allows both the Digital Ethos team and the Earthly team to fully understand who the target market is, what channels to communicate with them through and what type of messaging will best resonate with those audiences.

Once we understood our core segments and personas, the campaign was delivered in a phased approach. One of the first activities we launched was a paid search campaign on Google and Bing, gaining instant exposure for both branded search terms and industry relevant keywords.

Whilst gaining traction through PPC, Digital Ethos were building the foundations of a strong SEO campaign. Creating an in-depth resource centre based on keyword and competitor research.

The organic social media campaign and PR campaign were executed simultaneously, positioning Earthly as a ‘hot topic’ in the tech startup industry. The main themes that were communicated across socials included nature-based solutions and business case studies.

Ongoing email communication was delivered to keep both businesses and investors updated with the progress of projects and the results. The ongoing goal is to build the organic distribution list and segment the communications even further.

The Results

Whilst we continue to work closely with Earthly the result so far:

  • 67% decrease in cost per acquisition across Google Search campaigns
  • 73% increase in enquiries via website
  • 455% increase in organic traffic
  • PR Coverage in Open Access Government, TechRound, Business Insider, Sylist and Marie Claire