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Graphic design trends to stand out in 2021

February 23, 2021

It’s always interesting to see which new, refreshing direction graphic design trends will take in the coming year. The 2020 events made them truly unique and unexpected. In the span of a turbulent year, we redefined our lifestyles, values, and priorities. Designers and other content creators were urged to explore styles and ideas in the context of these impactful changes that took place.

Graphic Design Trends – an annual project by Depositphotos that explores which route the field is taking in the upcoming year. It is complementary research to the yearly Visual Trends Report, as it narrows down on styles, color palettes, typefaces, and aesthetics that will allow designers and brands to stand out with their campaigns and projects.

This year, we reviewed our approach to creating a thematic infographic and amplified it by describing where the trend was spotted most often to hint at where it can be best applied. Our content team has carefully curated a selection of visual references related to the trends for inspiration if you’re designing ads, packaging, social media materials, or even motion graphics in 2021. We also covered reasons why a particular trend is gaining traction and explained how the approach you take can influence your audience.

These graphic design trends can help you appeal to a wider audience and also make your projects stand out to catch their eye. However, we suggest you take these trends just as a basis and add your personal artistic touch to them to make your works unique and even more original in style and presentation.

For more insights on trends from the world’s top creative agencies such as Droga5 and Design Bridge, explore our Visual Trends Report 2021.


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