New Brand Vision deliver a responsive website for Kingsbury Consultants

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Last month saw us launch a new website for Kingsbury Consultants – one of the UK’s top commercial property consultancies based in Canary Wharf, London

The brief was to plan, design and build a responsive website that showcased Kingsbury’s full range of services, highlighted their impressive client track record and provided them with a web presence that put them firmly on the UK’s commercial property map. But how to do this within such a competitive and crowded industry space??..

Kingsbury had rapidly developed an enviable reputation for delivering a speedy, first class professional service to clients. As part of our research into understanding what really set them apart from the competition, it became clear that a key driving factor behind their success (aside from their fantastic track record) was the motivation, drive and energy of the staff themselves. Building on this, the site was therefore architected and designed to provide a balance between the corporate professionalism of the services while introducing a flavour of the personalities behind the business to bring the site to life and set it apart from other property websites.

As well as boasting a clean & modern responsive design, the site features a homepage HTML 5 video background to really grab attention and instantly provide a sense of who they are and what they do. After all, a picture may say a thousand words but who wants a piccie when you can have a video background that says double that!

A key question raised as part of our IA and design process was how best to bring Kingsbury’s client base to life to show-off the number of property deals completed. The answer?.... Why a map of course! The site therefore features a location integration that quickly provides visitors with a property deals ‘footprint’ to visually highlight & reinforce the scale of Kingsbury’s successes within the property market.

Ultimately, the objective of the redesign is to boost business and increase leads. It goes without saying that the range of services offered and evidence of wins, case studies & testimonials are crucial to this but it’s important not to forget that it’s the people behind the business that really make the difference. Therefore, if you’d like to discuss your commercial property requirements, why not get in touch and arrange to pop in for a coffee and a chat? They’d love to hear from you!

The client is delighted (Ross Kemp, Managing Director: “ … we are very pleased with our site and your efficient service”) and it’s a sleek and responsive site to be proud of!

View the site for yourself here