The Dogs Trust relaunch with a responsive website!

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The challenge

The challenge

Dogs Trust, the largest dog welfare charity in the UK which cares for 16,000 dogs each year at their nationwide network of rehoming centres, asked us to design and architect their new site. Clinical UX was integral to this project, due to the multiple user journeys and functionality the site had to cater for.

Our Response

With Dogs Trust, we faced the challenge of tackling the large amount of content on their existing site. While a majority of the content was useful, the previous organisation method meant it was hard to access relevant content. We started with a content audit to evaluate the effectiveness of each piece of content on the site, followed up with a card sorting exercise to organise what remained, in a way that was intuitive to people. The output of both these steps proved very useful leading into the prototyping and design stages. Users are now able to search for a dog via breed, size and location, through a clean and engaging interface.

The Project

This project was also an opportunity to develop their brand online; creating a new visual language and assets that could sit beside their already established brand. We kept the brand yellow, but used it as an accent colour, rather than having it dominate every page. We introduced some friendly pastel tones into their online colour palette, along with a linear icon style for the navigation. This is a site aimed at all ages, so we kept it as simple as possible: clean typography, minimal clutter and simple graphical elements which championed the content, and most importantly, the dogs.