Beauty with a Purpose - Miss World

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One of the world’s biggest global events, rewarding ‘beauty with a purpose’ and drawing a huge and loyal fan base from over 131 participating countries

The Challenge:

Miss World had encountered numerous challenges in maintaining its website. These were mainly

1) the number of hits on event date had often resulted in a lapse in service2) The content has to remain engaging before, during and after the event as the website transitions to the event in the following year

Decibel Digital's Work:

"User Experience (UX), Information Architecture (IA), Design & Build, CMS & Hosting"

We worked with Miss World to deliver a load balanced hosting infrastructure with content served up from local servers to enhance performance. The site was architected to make it easy to transition between events, allowing for modular and dynamic content and tailored social feeds to be displayed. The website is responsive and responds to both mobile and tablet devices. Decibel Digital also created a mobile app, developed to allow members of the ‘Miss World Club’ to access exclusive content and, for the first time, to vote for their favourite contestant.

Key Successes:

The website received 100 million hits in the first week alone, with 50,000 new followers and 59,620 votes for the most recent competition through the mobile app which was a huge success for all involved. Further results have been published on the Miss World website,