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Cult Futures: The Creatology Report Launches

by Caroline Westgate

19 May 2020 9:51am

Latest research into the evolution of creativity and technology in an era of radical channel change

Cult Futures is the new insight and incubation program launched by Cult, one of the world’s fastest growing independent creative agencies, last month. The Creatology Report, the program’s first research piece, explores how brands and businesses can thrive creatively as old and new media collide in a world knocked off its axis.

Written in collaboration with leading futurist and award-winning author Lucie Greene, who has spent over a decade consulting for the world’s most influential Fortune 500 brands, the report includes interviews with the world’s pioneering AI creatives, digital artists and virtual brand owners to inspire brands to be brave and spark marketing innovation.

As the creative media landscape fundamentally shifts under the impact of current events, social change and emerging technology, brand owners must negotiate unfamiliar territory at scale and speed. For some new establishment brands Mixed Reality, sensory interfaces and AI immersion has become an intuitive part of their business model, while many legacy brands struggle to break old habits in order to maintain relevance. Powerful new technologies are the epicentre of this change, upending the way consumers interact with their expanding digital universe to reshape their entire brand experience. From social channels and payments, to entertainment and commerce, brands response to their evolving consumer relationship is driving a creative renaissance.

“Cult Futures: The Creatology Report manifests ‘embracing the unknown’ through stand-out thought leading insight that resonates with 21st Century marketers and business leaders. The research shines a light into the chaotic and shape-shifting world of our creative and media landscape and offers solutions for brands looking to evolve themselves.” Bridey Lipscombe, Global MD, Co-Founder Cult

In 2012 Bridey Lipscombe and Cat Turner independently founded the creative agency Cult, with the intent to deliver strategically led creative campaigns for brands specialising in beauty, fashion, luxury and wellness. Cult Futures nurtures products, insight and emerging talent on-site in their studios in London and NYC.

The first episode of The Creatology Report The Sensory Internet will drop on May 18th

Overview: The Creatology Report Episode 1

The Sensory Internet

First we got used to speaking to the internet, then we got used to devices reading our visual expressions, then came using our face as ID for payments and banking. Next comes an internet era that engages all our senses and is able to interact with us in real-time like any human would. What started out with the mass adoption of Alexa and Siri, is now paving the way for new multi-dimensional experiences that combine sound, visual recognition, scent, touch, and even neuro recognition together. Developments in AI and sound recognition mean that we can converse, real-time with the internet in all languages, and skip between them when we like. Innovators are even rethinking the design of hardware and technology in our environments to engage the senses - even engaging our subconscious. This transition presents exciting opportunities for brands. Already, sounds are shown to trigger much more emotional responses than text communication. Imagine what sound combined with other sensory touchpoints could do. Welcome to the Sensory Internet.