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Cult Futures: The Creatology Report Episode One Goes Live

by Caroline Westgate

May 20, 2020

As virtual and real-world experiences collide, the white paper explains why brands must embrace The Sensory Internet.

Cult Futures is the new insight and incubation program launched by Cult, one of the world’s fastest growing independent creative agencies. The Sensory Internet is the first episode of The Creatology Report and explores how brands and businesses can thrive as the relationship between the internet and humans becomes ever more blurred. Innovators are rethinking the design of hardware and technology in our environments to engage the senses. As society spends more time online, technology is no longer merely the facilitator, but now is an active participant with the capacity to live, breathe, talk and even read consumer's minds.

The current pandemic has accelerated the need for the internet to expand human connection in new ways. Whilst technologies such as AI and AR have come of age, there is now a sensory, sentient and immersive internet that can blur the physical with the digital. In this age of isolation the internet itself has become a protagonist, interacting as much with consumers as they do with it. Online universes and real-world experiences for retailers and brands are fast becoming one of the same thing. Welcome to the Sensory Internet.

Written in collaboration with leading futurist and award-winning author Lucie Greene, who has spent over a decade consulting for the world’s most influential Fortune 500 brands, the report includes interviews with the world’s pioneering AI creatives, digital artists and virtual brand owners to inspire brands to be brave and spark marketing innovation.

“The Sensory Internet is a great place to start for The Creatology Report because the initial understanding of what it represents is widely known. However, with the advance of creatively driven technology, the potential for brands to engage consumers is so much higher because of their emotional response to sensorially-led experiences.” Bridey Lipscombe, Global MD and co-founder Cult

“We’re at an inflection point in the way we use and think about technology, which has been accelerated even more so with Covid-19. AR, Gaming and AI innovations to social platforms are creating a raft of new immersive ways to connect, work and shop. For creatives, this represents an exciting new era for storytelling, visual stimulus and experiences. We’re seeing a new generation of creatives emerge who are collaborating with technologists, sound artists, developers, and engineers moving the notion of creativity into new realms.” Lucie Greene, Futurist

Download Episode 1 here:

The second episode of The Creatology Report ‘Total Immersion’ will drop on June 1st

Episode Two Overview: What is an interface? The concept is set to become redefined as Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality are being embraced by technology giants and creating a groundswell of applications. The combination of smart cities and 5G environments that can layer contextualized information on to streets, homes or any scenario, will create a transcendent internet experience rich in opportunities for creativity, immersive brand storytelling and more. Start-ups, creatives and brands are already experimenting with the technology. Total Immersion promises to be the future of everything from art exhibitions to shopping malls. Episode Two reveals the role brands can play in this exciting new era. Prepare for Total Immersion.