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This course is ideal for marketers and content creators that have a good understanding of the fundamentals of organic search and are now looking to advance their skills and knowledge

By attending this course, you will enhance your ability to deal with more technical aspects of SEO for your eCommerce business.

Where? Webinar

(Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will be conducting the training session through an interactive webinar. But don't worry, the quality of the training will be the same!)

When? 2nd July, 9am - 1pm

Price? £100 + VAT

(We also offer group discounts if you want to upskill your team. For more information please contact


"I really enjoy the training at CTI. It's very hands-on and any questions you have will be answered by experts."

Imperative Training

The course will focus on actionable technical aspects of organic search and how to deal with issues that may arise during your eCommerce SEO campaign. You will receive training in areas such as;

Technical SEO

Learn more advanced technical SEO practices that ensure your site can be indexed by search engines. Including crawling & indexation, using robots.txt canonical tags and an introduction to Screaming Frog crawling tool.

Site Migration Handling

Learn how to cover all of the SEO bases of a site migration to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Site Speed

Learn about the importance of optimising JavaScript, CSS and images to boost your site speed.

Structured Data

Discover the importance of structured data and how it can support your click-through rate from search engines.

Local SEO

Discover what local SEO is, why it's important and how you can benefit from it.

International SEO

Discover the practices that are bespoke to international SEO and how you can tailor your efforts to audiences in other countries and who speak different languages.

Faceted Navigation

Discover the SEO best practices required to reduce duplicate content, wasted crawl budget and open up traffic opportunities from faceted navigation.

Product Pages

Learn landing page best practices for product pages and how to handle product page URLs and out of stock products.

Content Marketing & Outreach

Learn how and why creative content campaigns with outreach promotion can really boost your SEO performance.

After the Session

The training session will end at 1pm, but not before a chance to test your knowledge with a fastest-finger-first quiz. There will be prizes at stake, so make sure you’re paying attention!