The Brands and Creators That Won The Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest advertising events of the year, and with more than 113 million viewers tuning in to Super Bowl LVII, it's no surprise that advertisers spent millions of dollars on commercial spots during the game

Now more than ever, influencer marketing is playing a critical role in the success of these commercials leading up to and following the game. By leveraging the massive followings of social media influencers, brands are able to tap into wider audiences and dramatically increase their reach. Download the full report here to discover the strategies that drove success for these top-performing brands, and learn how to replicate their approach as you take your brand to the next level.

Super Bowl LVII: Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) vs. Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles) by the Numbers

Mahomes (@patrickmahomes)
Total impressions: 54.7
Total engagements: 4.9M
Total reach: 5.5M

Hurts (@jalenhurts)
Total impressions: 598.1k
Total engagements: 60.9k
Total reach: 1.2M

Winners by Impressions
Amazon: 1.3B impressions

Tech giant Amazon scored a touchdown at this year’s Super Bowl, collecting a competitor-leading 1.3B impressions thanks to a heartfelt TV spot. The ad featured a lovable pup whose family compassionately deals with its loneliness by adopting another dog. As a result, Amazon received a tremendous amount of buzz among dog-loving fans, which helped the brand to an impressive 40.0k mentions.

Paramount+: 105.0M impressions

Streaming newcomer Paramount+ made a splash on Sunday with its successful commercial featuring iconic actor Sylvester Stallone (@officialslystallone on Instagram). The ad, which brought together some of the streaming service's signature characters like Dora the Explorer and Beavis and Butt-Head, garnered 105.0M impressions. Stallone’s own promotion of the campaign on Instagram boasted 909.0k views and 132.4k engagements.

To read on for the winners by SOV, reach, engagement, hashtag and see how brands like Disney, Draft Kings, Pepsi and Disney performed in the 2023 Super Bowl, download the free CreatorIQ report here.