How Unified Global Reporting Helped AB InBev Increase Campaign Impressions by 44%

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Goal: Optimize Campaign Performance Across International Markets

Goal: Optimize Campaign Performance Across International Markets

As a global leader in the beverage industry, AB InBev executes over 20 influencer marketing campaigns across U.S. and international markets at any given time. Though the business operates on an enterprise scale, AB InBev leverages influencer marketing to cultivate deep consumer loyalty to each of its subsidiary brands on a regional level.

In order to further streamline campaign planning, execution, and evaluation for discrete initiatives around the world, AB InBev required a system that would enable communication and collaboration between brands and teams based in different markets. Additionally, to reliably understand the impact of brand- and market-specific initiatives, as well as the success of its creator marketing program as a whole, the company needed a unified, consistent structure for reporting on campaign performance. For the full case study click here.

Solution: Standardize Regional and Global Reporting With CreatorIQ’s Enterprise Dashboard

Streamline Workflows and Measurement With Solutions Built for Teams

CreatorIQ’s software platform equipped AB InBev’s influencer marketing teams with a suite of tools to manage and optimize the performance of their local programs. Additionally, the platform allowed AB InBev to improve its overall operations by supporting cross-team collaboration and aggregate reporting. Using CreatorIQ’s creator discovery solutions, marketing managers could easily source and vet impactful creators for individual campaigns, enabling regional teams to launch initiatives that deepened consumers’ affinity for specific brands. Meanwhile, the CreatorIQ platform’s reporting tools made it easy for marketers to track and report on their activations’ performance with an array of KPIs, including Social Media Value (SMV), a proprietary metric that helped AB InBev monitor ROI for gifting initiatives. Finally, CreatorIQ’s collaboration features streamlined AB InBev’s workflows across brands and markets, allowing members of different teams to share insights and strategically coordinate activities.

Use Enterprise Dashboard to Monitor Holistic, Brand-Specific Performance

To assess its global performance, and understand how specific campaigns supported its overarching goals, AB InBev utilized CreatorIQ’s Enterprise Dashboard. AB InBev acted as a consultant while the tool was still in development, drawing upon its expertise running a world-class enterprise marketing program to help shape CreatorIQ’s solution for global brands. The resulting dashboard allowed AB InBev to view its holistic performance across priority KPIs, including posts, engagement, and SMV, and monitor trends in this data over time. AB InBev could also use the Enterprise Dashboard as a single location to track and benchmark key metrics for each of its subsidiary brands, and for specific markets. Thanks to this comprehensive reporting hub, AB InBev was able to visualize and report on how individual campaigns, brands, and markets all contributed to its high-level success.


From Q3 2021 to Q2 2022, CreatorIQ-supported AB InBev brands ran 2.0k campaigns across its various international markets, inspiring 102.8k posts from 8.0k creators.

Content from AB InBev’s campaigns during this time period garnered a cumulative 700.9B impressions and 1.4B engagements, figures that represented respective 44% and 26% year-over-year improvements.

Corona, AB InBev’s top global brand, netted 25.3M impressions and 2.3M engagements, enjoying respective 93% and 331% YoY growths in these two metrics.

AB InBev’s top-performing division by Social Media Value (SMV) was its in-house agency, U.S. draftLine, which posted $278.3M SMV from Q3 2021 to Q2 2022 across 222 campaigns.