How Foodie Tribe Used CreatorIQ to Optimize Caviar’s Campaign ROI

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Goal: drive Revenue via a Multi-Market Discount Code Campaign

Goal: drive Revenue via a Multi-Market Discount Code Campaign

To attract customers to Doordash subsidiary Caviar, creative agency Foodie Tribe debuted an affiliate program, inviting creators across major markets to promote personalized discount codes for the upscale food delivery app. High ROI was a key priority for Foodie Tribe: by sharing special offers via partnered ambassadors, the agency aimed to inspire a surge of consumer interest that would more than make up for the cost of the activation.

Because Foodie Tribe was determined to launch a lucrative campaign, it was imperative that the creators the agency activated followed through on their commitment to each post one static Instagram or Reel, and one Instagram Story, featuring their personalized discount codes. To that end, Foodie Tribe needed a reliable system to monitor its brand ambassadors’ posting activity, and swiftly replace creators who failed to meet their agreement. Additionally, Foodie Tribe sought tools to monitor and benchmark the overall success of the campaign over time. Read the full case study here.

Solution: hold Influencers Accountable by Using CreatorIQ’s Content Tracking and Communication Capabilities

To ensure that Caviar’s ambassadors shared discount codes in accordance with their contacts, Foodie Tribe leveraged CreatorIQ’s streamlined content tracking features to monitor the posting behavior of all influencers in the affiliate program. With clear visibility into selected creators’ activity for Caviar, Foodie Tribe could easily flag participants who did not post at least once during the three-month period covered by their agreement. CreatorIQ’s intelligent influencer recommendations enabled the agency to easily replace inactive creators with more promising participants, keeping the campaign’s momentum strong.

Navigating relationships with new, contracted, and outgoing partners was simplified by CreatorIQ’s communication tools, which Foodie Tribe used to contact creators, as well as the Caviar team, directly in-app. CreatorIQ’s campaign tracking capabilities also provided Foodie Tribe with a comprehensive overview of the ambassador program’s performance, allowing the agency to easily report on KPIs to Caviar.


Cost per engagement (CPE) for Caviar’s discount code campaign was 43% lower than for a comparable campaign run by Foodie Tribe

Cost per mile (CPM) for Caviar’s initiative proved 20% lower than for a similar campaign by Foodie Tribe