How DIGIORNO® Pizza Unlocked TikTok Campaign Measurement With CreatorIQ’s Analytics

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The Objective: Evaluate the Impact of a First-of-its-Kind TikTok Campaign

The Objective: Evaluate the Impact of a First-of-its-Kind TikTok Campaign

To boost brand awareness and loyalty, DIGIORNO® Pizza and its creator agency, Reach Agency, worked with TikTokers like Kyle Exum (@kyleexum), Erin Robinson (@erinrobinson), and Adam Shi (@adamsheey) to develop a dynamic campaign hyping the brand’s frozen pizzas. The playful, creator-led initiative, which saw participants prep DIGIORNO pizzas while dancing to “DiGiorno Made Us Do It,” an original song by Kyle, tested the first use of a custom soundtrack on TikTok for a NESTLÉ brand.

When the “DiGiorno Made Us Do It” campaign kicked off in January 2022, the team was optimistic that it would resonate with audiences and amplify consumer interest in DIGIORNO. However, they knew they would require advanced influencer marketing analytics tools to fully understand the activation’s impact. Beyond monitoring post-level engagement, the team needed to access actionable insights on the TikTok campaign’s overall performance, and monitor its success over time. Additionally, they sought a streamlined, secure system for reporting the campaign’s results. For the full case study click here.

The Solution: Gain a 360-Degree View of Campaign Performance With CreatorIQ’s Advanced Influencer Marketing Analytics

To access comprehensive, real-time data on “DiGiorno Made Me Do It,” the team turned to CreatorIQ (a badged TikTok Creative Partner). CreatorIQ’s end-to-end campaign management features and flexible interface allowed DIGIORNO to track and benchmark TikTok campaign performance using customizable KPIs.

Equipped with CreatorIQ’s influencer marketing analytics platform, the team gained visibility into its priority metrics for the campaign as a whole, and easily surfaced top-performing content. For example, the team was able to determine that Kyle ranked as the initiative’s most impactful advocate, underscoring the impact of his involvement in creating the promotion’s official soundtrack.

The Results: “DiGiorno Made Us Do It” Enjoys Strong Engagement, Enthusiastic Support From TikTok Community

Thanks to its creator-led design and strategic, data-informed execution, the “DiGiorno Made Us Do It” campaign proved an overwhelming success. TikTok content from the initiative saw a VTR (view-through rate) of 22.2% after two seconds, and a CTR (click-through rate) of 0.03%. Additionally, a study by market research firm Kantar found that “DiGiorno Made Us Do It” sparked a 3.6% boost in brand awareness, significantly above the industry norm, as well as a 6.8% improvement in consumer attitudes towards DIGIORNO Pizza.

TikTok audiences didn’t hesitate to put their stamp of approval on the activation. Because the team put the voices of creators like Kyle at the center of the DIGIORNO campaign, the resulting content resonated authentically with participants’ fans, as well as the TikTok community more broadly. The initiative’s use of original audio attracted particular acclaim, with one TikToker calling the “DiGiorno Made Us Do It” song “a masterpiece.” By harnessing the creativity and passion of TikTok stars with a genuine affinity for its products, the DiGiorno campaign set itself apart from traditional, brand-led promotions: another user commented on Kyle’s video that they had “never seen a better ad.”