MOCEAN: Brand, Partnerships, and PR

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MOCEAN is a veteran entertainment and creative agency located in Los Angeles, serving major Hollywood studios and Fortune 100 brands

The agency is a unique collaboration of creative, production and strategy experts working together under one roof.

The Challenge

MOCEAN, an LA based creative agency and production studio, sought to expand its service offering from their traditional studio clients into the brand space.

The Solution

We provided a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach senior brand marketers at Fortune 1000 brands with a combination of PR, thought leadership, newsletters, and event partnerships to get MOCEAN in front of brands.

The Outcome

With our guidance MOCEAN was featured in leading outlets such as New York Times, Ad Age, Brand Storytelling, AWN, Muse by Clios, and Fastco. They saved an estimated 30-40% on partnerships costs and closed several new six and seven figure clients.