The Making of Us. A film created not because a brand asked us to, but because a lot of amazing people wanted to.

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The day after another three weeks of Coronavirus lockdown is announced, a group of frustrated creative professionals release a film, united in their desire to use what they do to make a difference and share a message of hope

What started as a call between two advertising creatives, resulted in a collaboration between more than 40 people including writers, art directors, producers, directors, camera operators, editors, sound engineers, colourists, composers, social media specialists and even an A-list voiceover artist, all sharing the same desire to spread some positivity.

What’s equally inspiring is that while a production of this scale would normally cost tens of thousands of pounds, everyone got involved knowing that they were doing so for free - a true passion project for everyone involved.

Ed Salkeld: Director

Everyone having a genuine drive to do something for good created a level of joint ownership that none of us had experienced before. And it really shows.

By not being associated with any brand at all, the free film is designed to be adopted and promoted by whoever shares its values.

Neil Matthews: Freelance Creative Director
Almost by accident, with its lack of logo, this film created by people for people, has become a ‘white label’ of sorts, available to any brand that believes in its message. More proof that we really are all in this together.

In the final stages of production the team started their hunt for a voiceover artist that shared the same passion for what they were trying to achieve. Andy Serkis, famed for The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Star Wars, Venom and much more was happy to help.

Ramon Ricard: Producer

We knew we needed a voice as kind in character as it is sincere, and Andy fit the bill. Thankfully, while busily finding new ways to edit a feature film remotely, he wholeheartedly got behind the sentiment and even had a few ideas on improving the script.

As with a lot of films that get made and shared on social media there is always a chance that they are lost in the cluttered world of social media. For the final push the team turned to creative and media agency Collective to provide digital media planning and support, to help spread the film and its message as far and as wide as possible.

Stu Woodall: Freelance Creative Director
It doesn’t matter how proud you are of the thing you’ve made and the people you’ve made it with, in a world of content it can still get lost. We’ve known Collective and their inherently collaborative nature long enough to know that they were the right people to turn to.

The finished film can be found here.

Creatives: Stu Woodall & Neil Matthews

Production Company: Redux Content

Director: Ed Salkeld

Producer: Ramon Ricard

Lead Editor: Michelle Dimopoulos

Composer: Tony Crumpton

Audio Mix: Guy Chase @Chase Audio

Colourist: Sarina McCavana @Lucide Post

Media agency: Collective