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New challenges are facing the UK Government and Code Enigma is helping.

by Maygen Jacques

29 September 2020 12:49pm

Digital leadership and transformation

A good digital leader has vision and a great understanding of user-centred digital service development and agile ways of working. This is combined with an ability to inspire, trust and learn from the teams and specialists around them.

Simon Everest — Service owner, Standards Assurance

With changes that people are making in how they communicate and organise themselves, organisations need to adapt to be effective in our internet-era. A skilled leader will, therefore, transform their organisations to be fit for this, through building new capacities, structures and ways of working.

No more than right now have organisations across all sectors needed to be flexible, secure and scalable.

Self-admittedly, the government has been slow to use the transformative potential of digital technology to change the way it does business. New technologies that government bodies need to embrace must share common ground with the technologies and tools being used by people.

Cloud computing is at the core of this.

Government bodies should adopt technologies that are delivered ‘as-a-service’, forcing the cloud service providers to deliver true digital progress.

The imperative is to change at pace and at scale. It is a change in methods of working, culture and disposition; all possible using digital technology. More effective use of technology has the potential to improve every aspect of the government.

There is a responsibility to find the right cloud provider for the job, one that also falls within budget and meets operational needs.

How can these challenges be solved with Amazon Web Services?

Benefits of AWS

- Easy to use

- Flexible

- Cost-Effective

- Reliable

- Scalable and high-performance

- Secure

Code Enigma is backed by AWS, the indisputable leader in cloud services. Our Amazon-trained solutions architects connect the pieces, store your infrastructure in code and support your developers in building robust, end-to-end systems.

We have been serving public sector organisations for many years and will continue to consult in this age of technology enhancement.

Learn more about our Managed AWS service here.

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