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As seasoned home workers, we thought we’d share tips for people who aren’t used to working from home

24 March 2020 11:00am

Give your laptop/computer, phone and peripherals a good clean before you start!

Before you do anything, wipe your closest and most-used items down before you start. If you’ve ever cleaned an old keyboard, you’ll know what a difference this can make.

If you’re able to use a dedicated room where you won’t be disturbed or distracted

Daily life happens around homeworkers at the best of times. During this time specifically, it’s key to give yourself the best chance of concentrating on your work. If you have a room with a door you can close, use it.

Maintain a “to do” list, and tick off as you go.

Write this list as your first task, every day. It will boost your focus as well as your productivity during the day and therefore the entire week.

Take breaks

Build-in short breaks where you can, but do keep them time-limited. Get up and move around during those breaks, but have the self-discipline to get back to your work station when that time is up.

Stay connected

If you have Instant Messaging tools with colleagues, like Slack or IRC, use them — they’re an effective way to stay socially-connected as well as being able to discuss work.

Go offline if you need

It’s OK to set your status as unavailable during the times you need to concentrate and can’t afford distractions.


Whilst you’re not on calls, you get to choose the music! Enjoy.

If you’re still unsure

You can contact us if you’d like one-on-one advice about how to make it easier for your company to work from home. Our director, Greg, will be happy to talk:

Feel free to comment with your own advice!


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