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What do 13 year olds really look at on Instagram?

4 April 2017 10:11am

For those among us who remember the world before social media, what’s it like to peer inside the mind of a generation born into it? Our 13-year-old guest writer Maia Hubbard gives us an insight into what a teenager is really doing while they’re ignoring you at the dinner table (it might surprise you).

Here are her top 5 Instagram accounts.

1 – Humans Of New York

Humans of New York is top of the list for a reason. I love reading and am self-deprecatingly nosy, so stories like the ones told on this page are the best. Humans of NY post incredible photographs and brief histories of random passers-by, so you can read about something hilarious/tragic/happy/sad. Believe me, this page is a gold mine.

2 – From Where I Stand

From Where I Stand is simple, pretty and inspiring. They post submitted photos – of people’s feet. If you’re anything like my sisters, who are perpetually disgusted by feet, I’m sure this sounds gross but the pictures are beautiful and taken internationally (and the people are wearing shoes). This page really inspires me to travel and appreciate my surroundings.

3 – Camera Duels

In comparison to the more serious/inspiring pages I have written about previously, Cole Sprouse’s hilariously different take on celebrity sightings is one of my favourite comedy Instagram accounts. Rather than write some ‘not-quite-there’ conclusion about the page, I thought I’d let Cole define it himself, as his bio summerises it perfectly: ‘This Instagram is dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera win.’ His hysterical wit and surprisingly well written captions are something I could live off!

4 – Bon and Pon

As someone who always unintentionally matches with her sister, I fully appreciate this page, probably more than I should and probably more than you will. Bon and Pon are a wonderfully (slightly) horrific, over-60 couple who always match. Always. Everyday. Matching. They are the epitome of adorable, and that’s coming from someone at least 50 years younger than them. Do yourself a favour, look at the page and your life will feel complete.

5 – Emma Watson

Emma Watson holds the honour as the only ‘person’ account on this list for a good reason. As someone who has followed her for a long time, I am uplifted and inspired by her relatable and positive personality. I think she is a great influence for every young (and older) person.

And just to clarify, she is not on this list because we share the same love for books nor because she could use her powers to expelliarmus-me out of England.