Living the Wow

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Clarity were tasked with helping to introduce a new set of processes into the Whitbread Restaurant marketing and F&B teams, to inspire, motivate and transform working behaviours

Our visually-led process workflow was used to engage mid and lower level teams to buy into the process. Team’s input was integrated in to the final tool kit, giving the desired inspiration and ownership.

To help illustrate the complex charts and work flows, we created an informal and characterful visual style inspired by mind maps and creative brainstorming.

The inclusion of structure charts and visibility of who is responsible and accountable at precise stages in the work flow aimed to ensure that employees spent less time working out who should do what and more time doing what they do best.

Notes pages on the reverse side of each page helped to make this a useful document that employees would use and keep on their desks, rather than in their drawers.

By including checklists and briefing templates we have reinforced why it is appropriate to call this internal comms document a WoW Toolkit.

Clarity produced a large format work flow chart that captured the entire briefing to in-restaurant process.