Circle is a specialist B2B market research consultancy. 

We’re driven to make a difference.  To uncover hidden truths about your target market and then help you translate these into marketing and commercial success.  Ask Randstad who grew their market share by 77% or Vodafone who saw an 8,000% ROI. 

Few research agencies can deliver results like these.  Sure, they can do research, but they don’t understand your business, your marketing challenges or your commercial realities.  And they lack the skills needed to intelligently interpret research findings, translate them into smart business advice and then communicate this in an engaging, action-focussed way. 

That’s where Circle excels, and our four founding principles are at the heart of it:

We’re the B2B specialists. We intimately understand your environment and have seen the issues you face many times before.  You’ll benefit from this deep pool of experience We’re research-led consultants.  Our people couple research expertise with a background in business, strategy and marketing.  They’re also armed with outstanding communication skills and techniques which bring insights to life and drive action.  You receive commercially sound recommendations which colleagues engage with and make a real business impact We’re proud to be boutique.  Others boast about being the biggest; we’re driven to be the best.  We deliberately limit the number of clients we work with so that each receives a high calibre team passionate about their work and obsessive about their clients.  You receive the highest levels of service and what is effectively an extension to your team We constantly push the boundaries.  Our default mind-set is to constructively challenge the status quo – to put received ‘wisdom’ under the microscope and question the traditional way of doing things. We’re also constantly developing new frameworks and techniques which reveal deeper insights.  You take the best path, not simply the one more trodden, and stay one step ahead of the competition

That’s the Circle difference.  It’s why the MRS nominated us as one of the best new research agencies when we were founded in 2006.  It’s why half of the UK’s Top 10 B2B Superbrands choose us.  And it’s why the average client has worked with us on eight projects and counting…
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