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We are all Wonder Women!

7 March 2018 15:03pm

This year's International Women's Day comes on the heels of so many powerful conversations. On 8th March Cherry London’s CEO & Founder, Tamara Gillan along, with Stylist Editor Lisa Smosarski are hosting a fantastic group of Wonder Women for an inspiring discussion at the Devonshire Club in support of international NGO mother2mothers. The incredible panel brings together editors, entertainers and leaders of some of the most influential brands in the UK, to champion women and #pressforprogress.

The all-female leadership team at Cherry London is committed to driving change and creating marketing with purpose. Cherry London believe in collaboration as a force for good - and as collaborations go, IWD is up there with the best of them.

Here are how some of the Wonder Women with whom Cherry London are collaborating, are pressing for progress:

Lisa Smosarski, Stylist Editor-in-Chief

“At Stylist we are Pressing for Progress in 2018 with our Visible Women initiative. We will be shining the light on the women we all need to know more about – from history to present day. This will help create more role models for girls, more inspiration for all women and more representation in all sectors – we need to stop women being invisible both from history and the future. We will also be working to improve the teaching of women’s histories to girls and young women and be pushing for more equal gender representation within parliament.”

Tanya Joseph, creator of ‘This Girl Can’, Fawcett Society trustee and change maker:

“For me the way to press for progress is to call things out. Women who are being harassed, women who are not being heard, women who aren’t being recruited or promoted, say something. Silence is no longer an option.”

Sonoo Singh, Associate Editor of The Drum:

“My parents raised my sister and I, like sons. For me to #PressforProgress started with raising my son, like I would have done a daughter. I’m bringing up a feminist son.”

Emma France, European Director of charity mothers2mothers:

“Putting empowered #mothers at the centre of creating a life cycle of health and hope for themselves, their families & their communities. It’s a striking example of what #IWD2018 is all about.”

Gemma Mason, Head of Customer Experience & PR – Superdrug:

“We can push forward if we support each other through honesty, trust and giving every woman a forum to share and learn from each other’s experiences.”

These women on the panel, and those joining at the event are a powerful force for change. Mothers2mothers is committed to doing this by working with mothers living with HIV to eradicate AIDs in sub-Saharan Africa. It is time to create conversations, hear each other’s stories and turn the talk into purposeful action.

What are you going to do?

By Tamara Gillan, CEO & Founder, Cherry London

Change-agent & partnerships expert and Trustee of Commercial Break.