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Simplicity through complex product information management

by Morag Cuddefordjones

July 28, 2021

They say the customer is always right, but when the customer is also your boss, it makes it doubly important to satisfy them.

That’s the case at ESA, the leading purchasing organization of the Swiss automobile and motor vehicle industry. As a cooperative, it has some 7,000 co-owners who take an active and close interest in the company’s success.

Operating in a highly technical sector, ESA’s USP is its extensive knowledge of the technical and organizational product and service requirements of its companies. But with 500,000 product data assets under management in systems that have grown and evolved over its 90 years of operation, ESA’s existing systems were outdated and at times incompatible with the needs of a modern, increasingly digital, operation.

Taking the opportunity to update its Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) at the same time as refreshing its product information management (PIM) system, the company had a huge task ahead of it. With censhare’s help, the company implemented a detailed planning and project management approach to deliver ESA into a new era of centralized, efficient asset management. You can learn just how it did this, by visiting its success story here: central product information management and flexible publishing.

You will learn how ESA:

  • developed a collaborative process for the solution design, inviting users to share ideas and build individual needs into the new, integrated system,
  • connected channels and touchpoints, including online stores and offline flyers, to a centralized PIM, helping the company be more agile in the way it delivers information, and
  • created a user-friendly interface that improved user acceptance, delivered relief from repetitive tasks, and improved overall efficiency through automation.

Find out more about how censhare’s integration of PIM , DAM and headless content management helped ESA streamline its content distribution across its five online stores and 7,000 B2B customers - download central product information management and flexible publishing today.


Universal Content Management
Digital asset management
Product information management
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