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Building content systems for a new era

by Lucy Campbell-Woodward

July 28, 2021

The lessons from the pandemic have been many, but for marketers it seems to boil down to a question of priorities. That was the message relayed by Peter O’Neill, industry analyst and former research director for B2B marketing at Forrester at this year’s censhare ecosphere days digital.

Holding a session exploring the need for organizations to re-examine their MarTech for success, he identifies two key trends, already in place before the pandemic but inevitably somewhat accelerated during 2020-21. First, the importance of digital marketing, selling and ecommerce. The other, the tonality of marketing and selling content. Helping customers instead of selling to them - customer experience is now key.

But of course, there is the question of how to deliver on these trends. O’Neill identified challenges that no doubt resonate with many marketers wondering how to progress their content strategies in a changed world.

To find out what O’Neill believes are the major challenges facing marketers and their content strategies today, and how his many years of comprehensive research into the vendor solutions market have helped him arrive at some answers, delve into his session Building content systems for a new era. Speaking with censhare’s vice president sales, North America, Josh Van Dyk, the session was recorded during ecosphere days digital 2021 this June, and is available on demand from censhare here.

Peter O’Neill reveals:

How content marketers have had to deploy more complex systems than they were considering perhaps two or three years ago, to meet the need for more useful, compelling content.

The range of content types which expected of marketers today, particularly in terms of rich media such as webinars and videos and how perceptions of quality need to be broken down. Done and delivered is very much better than “perfectly produced” these days.

The need for content team efficiency including content reuse and atomization, and a single source of truth. Silos are over – today’s world is centralized and oriented 100% towards the customer.

Delve into this session to hear Peter’s expertise and insights into these key challenges for marketers today, as well as learning about the process of vendor ranking and selection at, helping you make the best choice when it comes to refreshing your content capabilities.


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