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Spark44: Accelerated Content for Jaguar Land Rover

by Lucy Campbell-Woodward

Spark44, a client agency joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), is using censhare to help save JLR £55 million and speed up content production by 68%.

At A Glance

Industry: Automotive Products

Products: Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Content Management

Business Need: Spark44 needs to increase demand for Jaguar Land Rover’s cars while saving the company money at the same time.


  • 300,000 assets available to agency network in 18 countries
  • 10,000+ users at Jaguar Land Rover
  • 68% faster content production process
  • £55 million saved for Jaguar Land Rover since 2011
  • 100% increase in car sales since 2012

Charged with the task of increasing demand for JLR cars while saving the company money, Spark44 looked to censhare for a way of operating more efficiently.

Now, its censhare system holds over 300,000 assets, serving 10,000 downloads each month. Used by 11,000 people across Spark44 and JLR, it operates as a single source of truth for its digital assets, a web CMS, a workflow governance platform, a way to manage resources and projects, and a way to create and distribute emails to customers.

It’s also used by 10,000 people within JLR as a portal to hold product information on the group’s hundreds of vehicles, options and accessories.

“censhare was the best choice out of all the solutions we looked at, because it works across our entire workflow,” says Hasan. “When a brief comes in, we can assign resources to the project and see what assets are being created, and then it flows through an approval workflow in the same tool.”

So far, using censhare has made Spark44’s global content production process 68 percent faster. Managing content approvals through censhare and using a traffic light system to indicate how important a task is have helped enormously,” says Hasan. censhare reminds approvers in a more structured fashion than before, so they realise that their actions are affecting the speed of production.

censhare also shows managers at Spark44 what employees across the company’s 18 offices are working on, so work can be moved around as resources become available. “Our business ebbs and flows,” says Hasan. “Different markets get busy at different times, so if we can spread our workload across our global workforce, it eases the burden on busy teams and makes sure everyone is fully utilized.”

Overall, censhare has contributed to Spark44 saving JLR £55 million since 2011. Hasan says, “censhare makes our lives so much easier in so many ways. Plus, it puts money back in the hands of our partner, so it can reinvest in developing the next generation of cars.”

Download the full success story here


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